CD-Rs' sound quality as good as store bought ??

I have the Pat Travers new SHM Japanese cd's.

 I have ripped them into my computer with audio lab 3.0 with the rip speed set at NOT burst mode, one under, to slow it down. Also I burn the CD's to Taiyo Yuden cd-r's at studio quality 96 or the last option is 126K? or something like that.

Would I add any distortion playing the cd-r's at my preferred level ( it is Pat Travers !!)

or would the SHM originals offer better resolution? or would i not be able to hear a difference????

thank oyou


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I would still use caution -arcticdeth
china knockoffs are prevalent among CD-r blanks. Any manufacturer can copy/reprint code(s) on packaging.

if you are using the Japan Taiyo Yuden cd-r discs, there will be very little difference in sound quality compared to the SHM- discs.

Beware of counterfeit (china knockoffs) TY cd-r disc. They are out there in the marketplace.

Happy Listening!