CD-ROM Transport

Hit this link right quick...

I take it this could be extrapalated to create a CD-ROM transport with coax out. Then you can just pick up a CD-ROM (or DVD-ROM/CD-RW, etc., for that matter) with "Play/Pause" and "Forward/Backward" buttons, etc. and voila! a *very cheap* (and assumably durable) tranport is born.

I mean, I'm looking at the back of one of my spare CD-ROM drives (I work in the IT industry) and there it is: "Digital Audio Out."

What do you guys think? Has any of you ever tried this?

I did.Its sound is ok.
It is compressed sounding and thin but it works.
Well, for the heck of it, I purchased the SHARP GP1F38T module for a whopping $12, and an ASUS CD-S520/A5 CD-ROM drive (with it's *new* SSDD II suspension and anti-vibration system) for a whopping $18.

Now I just need to get it all put together...

I'll report back...
This is what I thought was interested and made me think, "If it's designed to this at extremely high speeds, then think of how quiet it must be reading a regular old audio CDs.

So I got the optical transmitter, installed it and ran TOSlink out from it to my DAC (and then out to the amp)...

I got sound, but the speed is doubled, or trippled, or maybe even quadrupled - it's really fast. I've got some really slow-beat stuff, for example, that sounds like it's 300 bpm. Any idea why this would occur?

I guess CD ROMS are designed for speed in data reading (and going 2 directions) I would say the drive needs a controler that will set speed paramiters OR computers use buffers to keep info in memory and play it back at the proper speed.