CD Ripping software

I am interested in ripping my CD collection to .WAV files. Not concerned about FLAC or other formats.

I know Windows Media Player will rip .WAV files from CD, but has anyone used dBpoweramp or EAC software instead? The rippers in this software have claimed advanced error detection strategies that I guess WIN MP does not have?

Would it not ber easier to pre-scan the CDs for C1/C2 errors in advance and use Win MP for simplicity?

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I've been using dBpoweramp which was pre-installed on a SoundScience Music Vault. As one of your concerns is simplicity, I must say that dBpoweramp is relly quite simple for ripping and I have been most pleased with the results on well over 1000 ripped cd's. The accurate rip feature has also proven most helpful on less than perfect discs.