CD ripper for new IMAC

Hi!   We are moving to a new iMac computer. On our old computer, we used iTunes. My understanding is that’s no longer a viable option. I am wondering what service to use to be able to rip CDs and then download them to an iPhone or nano for casual use.   We would be using an Apple SuperDrive.   In our stereo system our CDs are ripped to our Bluesound vault 2.  Thanks for any assistance.
I use an Apple Superdrive and XLD to rip CDs from my iMac or MacMini.

I haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet. My understanding is the Music app in Catalina has a CD ripping capability.

I am hoping that the Music app will be as easy to use as iTunes for album tagging and music organization. iTunes as a library manager - in my opinion - is underrated. It works well for me.

Good luck.
Thanks!   Hadn’t realized the Music app would do this.