CD Rip and Meta data - Can Roon do better than other services?

I usually rip CD with apple iTune (music) with attached cd players as AIFF.

When the computer rips the CD it finds CD’s meta data from web database.
I don’t know what Apple Music uses.

Most of time it gets the essential information correct.
(the app gives multiple choices, so I need to choose the correct one, still slightly written differently, but most of time essential information is correct.)

Problem is sometimes, the music app doesn’t find information, so it just shows as Track 1,2,3....

If I use Roon with CD rip, can I increase the accuracy of Metadata?

Question #1. If I take advantage of Roon’s meta database, should I rip the CD with Roon?
I don’t think Roon can do something with already ripped files - named as track 1,2,3...

Question #2. Someone told me CD basically is embedded with Album name and track names.
(I didn’t know that, what Apple Music App can’t just extract information from CD.)
Can Roon do this?

I usually store my cd collection in my PC/Dropbox(backup) but I start to consider Roon if meatadata capability is good. Also, I think searching capability of my cd collection (by name, album/track title) would be nice. With Roon, I’ll switch to Nucleus.

Thank you.

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1 Suit yourself.. Try it and find out.
2 BS Not embedded. Tags are located in the thin air. Make an original CD and see what you get.
I use dbPoweramp for most flexibility.
It finds more info than EAC.
It finds any art out there.