CD red book,sacd or dvd-a playback choices

I listen to music in a HT set up,ie 5 speakers,no sub as my main speakers are full range (down to 18Hz) full description of my system can be seen under systems.I will point out the main components which are relevent to this discusion.Speakers are German Physics Loreley(main) Borderland(center) Legato(rear/sides), Processor Meridian 861 V3, dvd-A/cd Meridian 800 V3,
sacd Sony xa-9000es ,cd Reimyo cdp-777 .The system is in a large open room with high ceiling,the orchestral music canbe played at realistic live volume without distortion(irritation).Now to the essence of this discussion;I took the trouble to listen to the same recording under different formats and compared the sound .for the dvd-A I played Shostakovich Symphony#5 with Oleg Caetani on Arts Music label.For Sacd I I played Rodrigo on Mercury and some others.In all of these reproductions the playback with the Reimyo with red book was clearly superior.This conclusion may only be valid with the Meridian processor because of its unique algorithms .
I agree with your findings. I don't think most people are aware of just how much musical inforation can be extracted in in a well-recorded standard redbook cd.

You compared a $34,000 CD playback system to a $3,000 SACD player and concluded that the $34,000 system is better?
Sidssp, $34,000 CD playback? Huh? The Reimyo retails at $14,000 and is a one box player.

Ramy, I concur, I have had the EMM Labs and everything else on the planet in my home and the Reimyo on Redbook sounds the best so far! Great system, enjoy!!!!
I just read that Sony is no longer going to produce SACDs.

I think it was in Stereophile (the latest).

My Muse CD player sounds better than my Sony SACD player did anyway :)
From last month at Surround 2004,

"Upcoming SACD Releases from Sony Music
That being said, there has been interest in what is coming from Sony Music in the future in terms of Super Audio CD releases. Checking with the label I was told that "Sony Music will continue to identify, schedule and release SACD titles. More current SACD releases are coming soon as well as catalog titles from Herbie Hancock, George Benson and Stevie Ray Vaughan."

While I didn't get specifics from Sony Music about the catalog title SACDs and the ones coming from the artists mentioned above, earlier SACD catalogs have mentioned still to be released Surround Sound SACDs including Future Shock by Herbie Hancock, Body Talk by George Benson and a Surround Sound SACD edition of Couldn't Stand The Weather by Stevie Ray Vaughan (the latter title having been released earlier as a Single Layer Stereo SACD by Sony Music)."

Seems like Sony is still commited to making SACD's from that info.

14k vs 3k and a Sony to boot, geez I wonder why it sounded better!
correction, it was not Stereophile, I read it in Bound for Sound. Who knows about marketing, it is all a magic act to me...
Are you using the Reimyo as a transport only? If that is the case, have you ever listened to its two-channel performance via its analog outputs?
I only use the Reimyo two channel analog output. I do believe that sacd and Dvd A formats are a good solution fot LOW phile multichannel system which provide the industry an ability to resell exsisting products with large profits.For the Highend audiophile a well recorded redbook with a topnotch cd players is a satisfactory solution.
Sorry but I am still a bit confused. Are you running the analog outputs of the Reimyo through the Meridian for surround processing? Or does the Meridian have a analog bypass feature? I am not familiar with the Meridian. I ask these questions because I am trying to get feedback on the Reimyo in a conventional two-channel context.