CD recorders, which one??

I am looking for a cd recorder. I have about 100 albums that I would like to record and after that I would mostly do digital copies. I have looked at Denon, Yamaha and Marantz consumer decks and also HHB, Sony, Tascam and Marantz professional units. Does anyone out there have any recomendations. Many Thanks.
I recently bought the Marantz DR6000 and am pretty satisfied, BUT there are a few things that bug me about it. The main one is that when recording most LP's or tapes the automatic track incrementing does not work, so you must attend to each recording session if you want to retain track information. I am sure this is true of some, if not all, of the other recorders you mention, and it is not something I thought about before buying. I will probably just do most of my LP recordings on one track, so I do not have to baby-sit each recording. The other thing that bugs me is also related to the ease with which track info is entered. The process is not that hard, but it takes some getting used to, and I made a few mistakes while learning. Not critical, but irritating.
Right now the Yamaha CDR1000 with Apogee's UV22 is at the head of the pack, however, so is the price @ $1,750. Although, you can get it discounted for less. Also, it makes a decent stand alone player, too. After that you have HHB which are good. They recently came out with an 830 model which list for $850 but is available for $650. Sony now make a model, I believe it is TCR 333(?), anyways, it has SBM and would be a good choice for your A to D conversions. I have used an out board SBM with my Marantz CDR630 for 18 months with good results. I have never heard this unit but Sony has some experience with digital and this should be a competitive unit and worth looking into. One piece of advice I have been advocating is that which ever unit you purchase make sure it is a professional unit. That way you can use computer grade disc and bypass SCMS.
I have the HHB CDR-800 unit and it works great. I believe Sweetwater or Full Compass has a deal on overstock & demo units at great prices I just received a mailer from them. Good Luck Don
I have had an HHB CDR800 for about 15 months now, and have probably burned over 300 disks with it. I use it with an Apogee Rosetta A/D. The HHB by itself is excellent; with the Apogee, it is as good as 16-bit digital gets.