CD Recorder that has decent sound?

I'm considering buying a CD recorder - mainly to record LPs so I can listen in the car. Currently have a Linn Genki - looking for something with a similar level of playback quality with PRE-RECORDED CDs. I've seen the debate on the quality of CD-Rs with original CDs - don't want to go there, since I'll take an LP anyday. The damn things skip when I hit a pothole, though! Anyway, any thoughts on where to begin auditions would be helpful!
I have a Pioneer W739 ($600. actual retail) that makes excellent copies and is very convenient and versatile to use. But, you have to use the consumer audio CDs which are a little more expensive. Ramstl and others would recommend the more pro oriented recorders (more expensive, but probably better built) that can use the cheaper computer CD blanks, and I respect that approach. If your primary use is copying LPs to CDs, you would probably want the machine that has the "best" analog to digital converter available. I don't know which that would be, but presumably the more expensive pro recorders would have better AD conversion. Ramstl, are you out there? Craig.
Musikdoc, I was fishin' for the same info, (strength of analogue to digital recording,) and emailed Tascam, (one of the "pro" recorders Craig mentioned above,) but did NOT get an answer from them. It has only been a month, maybe they will get back to me yet. [:(] Also, I saw the Pioneer W739 that serves Craig so well in a Best Buy flier for $399 last weekend. Good luck, Charlie.
I purchased a Fostex CR300 for $650 on line. The pro model can handle a number of different inputs. Very faithful reproduction, plus you don't have to buy the music CDRs, so if you burn enough you'll be ahead with a pro-model recorder in the long run.
The Yamaha cdr 1000. Also, the HHB's are good sounding units. I haven't heard the 630 from HHB, but this unit is reasonably priced at $650. For A-D recording you should look at the Yamaha it has Apogee's UV-22 filtering. I have a Marantz cdr630, no longer available. I use it as a digital record unit only and it works well. When going from A to D I use the SBM processing in my Sony PCM 2600. I have listen to it as a stand alone player and transport. As a player it is okay. A little harsh and somewhat flat, "in terms of sound stage". As a transport it is okay, too. However, in either case it does not match the sound of my Rega Planet. Which you can find used on the net at a reasonable cost. I quess this is a long about way of saying; if you are going to record D-D look at the HHB 630. It may sound good, their other units do! If you are going to do A-D,and want a good sounding player go for the yamaha cdr 1000. It is pricey but worth it. You other option is to buy a cheaper CDR, always buy "pro", and get a seperate cd player for play back. Again, at the going used price for a Planet you can't go wrong and you would be able to keep it under $1000.
Musik Doc, I've never heard your Linn player, but Linn has an excellent rep. You may have a hard time finding an all in one recorder and player that will match the sound of your present unit. In your market there may only be a few choices, The Yamaha cdr 1000, HHB 820 and 850. However, I would highly recommend the CDR 1000. "UV-22" for that A-D. BTW, if you decide to keep your player and go for a record unit only another option in Sony's new CDR 300. It has SBM processing. That way you can get better A-D's. There are 2 types of 300's. There is the consumer and the pro-units. And, yes Garfish you know me well, go for the pro! You have to ask and make sure that you are receiving the pro unit. The only problem is that accept for listening to a friend's unit or living in a large city it may be difficult to test drive any of these units.
Ramstl; good posts. It seems Sony is late to the CD-R market, but maybe they're worth the wait. I'll try to check out both the pro and consumer models. Craig
I was able to find only a Sony 'pro model' CDR-W33 on the web site. It has the SBM technology, and is carried in a local establishment for $599. They have a 14 day return policy, so I was considering giving it a go. Also saw the Yamaha on their site - alas, no local dealer found. Does anyone know the list price on the Yamaha? Thanks for the input, Ramstl! -John
Musicdoc, I use the net from work, so I often make mistakes. My memory is not that good and I can confuse numbers. The model you mentioned from Sony is the unit I was referring to. Also, the Yamaha is listed for around $2000. Check out "Full Compus". You can often get good prices there.
The latest copy of Stereophile has a review of two CD recorders including the high-end offering from Marantz. Reviewed by Michael Fremer, so the process included recording from LP to CDR.
Ramstl: Your not my tax accountant are you? Santa Monica Blvd. near Gower.
One other place to look at is Markertek in New York. They also have a web page.
No. I live in Albany, NY., and frequent many area concerts, which I usually record. Anything from Jazz, Rock, Blue Grass. ect.
Thanks for the clarification Ramstl - hey, I don't always get the minutae straight either. It's the big picture that counts! The Yamaha is a little too rich for my blood. The Sony, at $600, would allow keeping the Linn for D-->D recording as well. Haven't seen the latest Stereophile (thanks Kthomas), but there is also a review of two recorders (Onkyo DX-RD511 and Marantz DR-6000) in the latest Listener.
The Sony with the SBM would make the better A-D, which seems like what your looking for. Good Luck and enjoy!
Not only am I not the best at numbers, I also have a serious delay in getting jokes. It took me until last night, while listening music and reflecting on the day, to get it. Good one Dekay!
The new HHB I referred to as the 630 has been mis-advertised. "Not my mistake" From what I've been told it will be the 830 and presently it has only limited availability.
I'd like to copy a few audio CDs and want the best possible sound. What player would you recommend?
Appartently, Markertek is in Mount Marion, NY (12456), not NYC