cd recorder options

I would like to record my lp's to a disc and either burn them to a cd or take them to my pc. I was considering an Alesis, however, it appears the Alesis MasterLink ML9600 Master Disk CD Recorder is no longer being sold or warranted. I am looking for options and advice. Should I grab an Alesis while I can or pursue a different cd recorder? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
If you are looking for a stand alone recorder, you can still find new models from Tascam or Fostex. After that looking for used consumer recorders on eBay etc, I'd look at used Pioneer models or Sony. Both though require the use of CDR for Music discs and not regular computer discs.

If you want to go another way, you can buy quality stand alone portable USB out hand held recorded that will save to a flash card and then you load to a computer. Or you can by add on Digital I/O units to plug a turntable into for direct transfer to a computer.
I absolutely love my Alesis Masterlink. It is an incredible tool and the quality of recordings are supurb.

I recorded some vinyl the other ay and just played the recordings back on my music server and I just can't believe how good it sounded. Very convenient as well. A little bit of a learning curve but after a read of the manual and a few discs, it's easy stuff. Recordings made by computers are noisey compared to the masterlink, at least the comparisons I have been part of.
Many computers will allow you to connect via the headphone jack. On the Apple MacBook that jack is an in/out jack and will let you record vinyl using even the built in Garage Band. Or you can download free and good software from Audacity or Final Vinyl. But if you want better interface and thus even better overall fidelity and versatility between a computer and the turntable it's better to buy an outboard Digital I/O with a built in ADC and DAC. These can be affordable starting at around $100 and up. I bought a Tascam 122MKII and it interfaces nicely with my MacBook. The Apogee Duet (exclusive for Mac only) is a real beaut but at $500 is too much for my blood for the occasional vinyl to CDR burning I do. With the Tascam I can make 24 bit 96khz recordings if I want. I have loaded up on my MacBook again Apple's included Garage Band software, but I also downloaded Audacity and Final Vinyl and the Tascam included Cubase Le recording software. Each will allow you to record onto a computer and save to a hard drive or burn to a CDR.

It's not as hard to do as one may think but it has a general learning curve which most anyone can figure out within minutes or especially if you read the manuals.

But if you want a simple burn and play set up much like a cassette deck then if you can still get and afford an Alesis go for it. Or try a Tascam or Fostex stand alone burner. If you want to go less expensive as I said look online or at eBay or maybe here at A'gon for Pioneer, Sony or Teac consumer grade CD recorders. Or again look at stand alone portable digital recorders that can record even up to 24/96khz. You then need to transfer the recordings to a computer to burn a CD.
Take a look at the Korg 2000s. Busman does a $250. mod to this unit that might be worth it.
Wanna go Cheap? Under $225. Try the latest model TDK cd recorder now available. I bought one a few models back (about 8 years ago). It's still functioning perfectly!
if you're looking for an older model then i can recommend the marantz DR700(i think mine is 8 years old),

my mate has been using tascam and fostex units at work and swears by their bullet proof build quality,

if you get a decent pc audio interface (m.o.t.u. or similar) then straight to pc is a good option quality wise

hope this helps
one more thing, if you buy a used unit it is a good idea to do a quick test disc and play it back on a different player,
lasers burn out in cd-r's if they are used alot and can sometimes have alignment problems, player compatibility can also be an issue.
the units by hhb are also worth looking at.