CD Recorder Died - Best Replacement Option?

As the title says, my venerable Sony CDR-W33 cd recorder just died. For a number of reasons, I still need, from time to time, to make very high quality copies of cd's that I own. Most often, I do this when traveling, and also in relation to my car, which has no even remotely easy, affordable or acceptable way to add an iPod, or alternative. So I'm stuck with it's cd changer.

And so, I need to replace the existing unit with another one. The only currently available model that isn't $800-1000.00 and intended for pro usage, is this Tascam:


Does anyone have any experience with this unit? My old Sony made flawless copies,and that is what I'm after. The CDR-w33's do pop up on Amazon from time to time, as well as some other brands and models of older units, but many of them were from produced 2000-2005, and they are clearly getting up there in years, and continued reliability could be questionable.

Any suggestions, expertise, or recommendations are appreciated. Thanks.

You can always use a computer and there's plenty of good software for free that will make copies just as good as your Sony. You won't even have to buy CD-R's for music. Just regular ones will be fine.

If you really need a stand alone CD burner like you have, the Tascam looks pretty good. Another option is an Alesis Masterlink 9600. Sometimes you can get a really good deal on one from Ebay. I've had one that I bought over 10 years ago when it was current and it still works perfect.
You might find one on ebay.

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i used a philips cd765 for years--it was a very well-built piece which made great copies. easy to find used on ebay for $100 or less. if you must have a new unit, look at teac cdrw890, which is around $200 and looks pretty solid.
Zd542, PC CDRW/DVDRW drives are substantially inferior to dedicated CD recorders. Therefore there are much more errors during PC CD burning vs. recording using professional CD recorder.
I have an older Tascam CD-RW5000 that I have used trouble-free for years. It makes very good sounding CD's and uses standard data CD-R's. Get a newer one than mine, though. It's so old, it won't recognize any blank media over 12X!
Yes, get the Tascam. My CD-RW700 may be newer than Minkwelder's but it also makes superb CDs on data CD-Rs and hasn't missed a beat in 12 years.
"02-09-15: Czarivey
Zd542, PC CDRW/DVDRW drives are substantially inferior to dedicated CD recorders. Therefore there are much more errors during PC CD burning vs. recording using professional CD recorder."

Why would that be? They both burn the same way. My Alesis burns CD's just as well as any other burner I've seen. It seems like the quality of the blank CD's are the most important variable for errors. And if you are using software quality and setup is critical. Most people have burn speed way too fast. You'll definitely get more errors if that's the case.
I used to have Alesis MasterLink CD-recorder/player and the quality of burning CDs was substantially superior to my laptop burner.
The Alesis has a computer CD burner in it.
I currently use a Tascam CD-RW900MKII CD recorder and I like it very much. I also have an older Sony RCD-W500C CD recorder as well in another system. I use the Tascam mainly to record LP's on to CD-R. Both players make great copies but the Tascam has separate left and right recording level controls for analog recording which is a plus for me. If you won't be recording LP's this feature won't come into play for you however. My Sony Burner can only use Music CD-R's but the Tascam can use any CD-R's. I also burn CD-R's on my PC using Jriver and that is another very good option. Hope this helps.

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You might also want to consider HHB 830 Burnit+, or the HHB 850. I have the 830 and have been using it for several years with nary a problem. Prices are quite reasonable too. These are professional units. It also has separate recording levels for both digital and analog. Several for sale on Ebay.
PM me JC. I might have something for you.