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Can anyone recommend a great recording in contemperary jazz or New age Music. I have about 750 cds and It seems at times I dont have anything I want to listen to. I like all kinds of music but I would like to build my jazz and new age collection a little more. I like Yanni,david arkenstone, david lanz etc and for jazz I like fourplay the rippingtons, dave koz etc. Iam tired of buying a cd and only likng 4 out of 12 songs. Thanks for your help sorry if this semms as a bogus post but I thought maybe somone can turn me on to some new artists. Thank you Daniel
Lev: check out the thread on best bass on cd = James Carter. It really is quite something, recorded last year.
Hi Lev; four of my all time favorite CDs are by Enigma, with "Cross of Changes" the best, IMO. This is percussion driven music that some call New Age, but it's probably more accurately described as "World Beat" music. Good Listening. Craig
You may want to try anything from SpyroGyra. Great music, wonderful horn section in this band. Works for me!

Thanks all. I have a few spyro gyra they are very good. keep them coming.
I just got Greg Mathieson Live at the Baked Potato 2000. The disc was recorded live at the baked Potato in North Hollywood, Ca and was recorded by Robert Bradshaw and mastered by Bernie Grundman. It is a must have and guarenttedd to blow you away musically as well as sonically. Michael Landau, Abe Laboriel and Vinnie Colaitua make up the band and what more can I say...these are the top session guys in LA and the playing is absolutly incredible. The disc might be difficult to find. I purchased mine from Let me know what you think...BTW it sounds great on my Lev 331.
Here are a couple of gems I haven't seen recommended before: Jai Uttal "Footprints" and John Huling's "Spiritlands - Musical Visions from the Southwest". If you want something a little more funky -- kind of new age goes inner city -- try Patrick O'hearn's "Mix-up" (if you don't already have it). Don
Daniel, in the spirit of sharing ideas and being true to my own belief system, as concerns what I feel is great music; I would like to respectfully suggest that rather than trying to find listening satisfaction in new examples of music in your mentioned preferred genres, that you reevaluate those genres instead. Please forgive me if I sound overly opinionated, but IMO someone with 750 cd's that sometimes feels that he "has nothing he wants to listen to" has been buying a lot of the wrong cd's. I find that the best "proof" of a recording's true musical value is wether it stands the test of time. Do you want to listen to it many , many times, perhaps over a lifetime? Or do you listen to it a couple or even a few times and then forget about it? Or more concretely, are people going to want to buy it forty years from now? I listen to something like Miles' "Kind of Blue", and it sounds even more interesting today than it did when I first bought it twenty years ago; and I never NOT want to listen to it. As one's musical horizons broaden, one of the symptoms is dissatisfaction with one's music collection; at the same time, we are able to appreciate deeper and deeper levels of a recording's merits, but the good stuff has to be there to begin with. I realize that it is (and partly correctly so IMO) politically incorrect to in any way criticize a member's musical tastes, but from my vantage point this seems like a great opportunity all the way around; it is also part of what I believe this site is (should be?) all about. The process of discovering new and deeper music is a pretty cool thing. All the best.
Dumb question, is The Baked Potato still owned by Don Randi? I remember that he did a Sheffield Lad disc and he owned the club at that time.
Frogman, I can relate. I have at times pull out a cd that I have not played in a couple of years and as I hear something new in it or just get mooved in a new way I say to myself why has it been this long.

Lev, I also like the Rippingtons and I feel that "Black Diamond" is one of their best sonically. It is well done but the older music is more to my likeing. Jeff (early member on sax ) has a couple of disc out that you my like. John Kleemer's "Touch" is very well done and never fails to 'touch' me.

On the contemperary jazz side The remastered "Take Five" of Dave's is stunning. Grover Washington done an upbeat version of "Take Five" that I really like. Incase you do not know about the label check out some disc from Concord Jazz it is very tastefully recorded!

Jon Hassell's "Fascinoma"

Dunno whether it's "New Age" or "modern classical" or exactly where to categorize it, but check out Liz Story. Very beautiful solo piano. You can hear samples at of this and gabillions of other cds. I find it an easy way to try out new music without buying too many clinkers, and their prices are pretty good, too.

chas (Who assures one and all I don't work for cdnow)
Yes, last I heard Don Randi still owns the Baked Potato
This is a great CD with a good variety of sounds, with a tribal South American flavour.

Not too new though. The movie was also pretty interesting, and worth watching with Bobby DeNiro and Jeremy Irons.
Your note suggests that you may be ready to move on to some REAL jazz. The great releases by artists such as Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young, Ben Webster, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Art Pepper, Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, Bill Evans, Horace Silver, Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, Charles Mingus, Sarah Vaughn, Carmen McRae, etc., etc., have the singular virtue of inspiring and moving you, even after many, many hearings. Unlike much of "fusion" and "contemporary" jazz which tends to be pretty formulaic, the works by the great masters of jazz is American music that is, in the best sense, classical. During the past 6 months, I have made several long posts in various discussions about jazz, and I suggest you check back through the Audiogon archives for those threads.
Try anything from Charlie Hunter. He is the next coming of the jazz guitar god.
Check out your local library and preview some of these CDs fully before buying. It's also a cheap way of getting a broad musical background quickly and inexpensively.
Frogman,that post is worth a thousand times more than any audio related post in here. You spoke the truth, not to insult or to educate, but to simply open the door to the real thing. "Flash in the pan" music will never have lasting value and will ultimatly lead to Lev's situation. Lev, I suggest exposing yourself to known giants in each music category. Dont just listen once, listen untill you know the music well, then you will be able to be at peace with your collection.
If you are going to get one Charlie Hunter CD go for "Return of the Candyman" w/ Stefon Harris on vibes.
Frap, thanks for the positive remarks. Your suggestion to Lev is an excellent one. Exposure to the music of the giants in their respective categories is the best way to expand one's musical horizons; even if the music seems "difficult" at first or second listen. I find that although it certainly is part of our very human nature to stay within the confines of what is familiar and confortable, by challenging ourselves we find a richer enjoyment of great gift that music is. Regards.
I just listened to Bela Felck & the Flecktones "Outbound" three times in a row (I was too tired to get up and change the CD). I enjoyed it all three times (this is a good sign).
Leila Pinheiro Na ponta do lingua excellent CD, Strunz and farah Americas

Here are a couple you may not have that are favorites of mine. An oldie Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks "Where's the Money" and for your jazz tastes The Microscopic Septet "Beauty Based on Science".
I've got some of their recordings, but you really have to hear and see this band live. One of the best performing bands I've ever seen.
Steve Stevens "flamenco a go go" Al DiMeola "kiss my axe" Anything by Steve Tibbetts,Paul Haslinger "score", Bill Brufords"apart and yet a part",Bill Nelson's "after the satellite sings, Project LO " black canvas" These will get your heart pumping Not the usual New Age or smooth jazz crap
Erik Truffaz Quartet "The Mask". Killer CD musically and sonically. BTW, it's recorded out of phase, so if you have a phase switch on your CD player or pre-amp, play this disc "out" of phase, it sounds better.