CD Recommendation -- EMI Classics

I'd like to share my reactions about a terrific "redbook" CD set I pulled off the shelf and have been enjoying all weekend. It's an EMI Classics 2 disc set, Tchaikovsky, The Nutcracker, 1812, Francesca da Rimini & Romeo and Juliet, performed by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Marisa Jansons conducting. I think the serial # is 7243 5 86076 2 8.

Friends, this is one of best recorded and engineered CDs I have ever listened to. I can't throw enough positive superlatives at the quality of this CD. I don't know if the quality is peculiar to EMI or just this recording, but I strongly suggest trying to find a copy.

Aside from the CD's quality aspects, if you enjoy Tchaikovsky, you will love the selections and performances -- some of his best works and so well performed!! Treat yourself to a copy today.

This disc set renews my hope that redbook CD has a future if the industry would clean up its act.
The folks on Amazon were not as enthusiastic about this CD. They didn't speak of the sound, but of the performances. I am not qualified to critic the nuances of classical performances, but sound quality is the most important thing to me, so I put your recommendation in my cart. Just so happens the current issue of Classic fM magazine has a spread on the 1812. Interesting reading.
Thanks for the recommendation. Wish we had more of this and less of some other stuff.
should have been 'CRITIQUE' instead of critic. so solly.