CD-Receiver Recommendations

I intend to purchase a CD-Receiver for a one-box solution to drive my Verity Taminos. The system will be set up in our Dining Room and will be played at low to moderate levels. Redbook CD playback is the focus but a good FM tuner would be a bonus. I believe I need at least 50 wpc into 8 ohms. Full remote control is essential. The only unit that I have auditioned is the Naim Uniti; it is excellent albeit expensive at $4250. Would appreciate learning about other options that meet the above criteria at all price points. Many thanks in advance.
You pay the piper but Naim looks really nice.You pay piper on cost but look what you get.My only consideration laying out that kind of money is to be the "new" format outright or some tech coming down road (I see a number of high end DAC's now with Firewire like Weiss but think that USB3 is just about here so why lay out now if that is a selling- off subject but that's downside of combining elements when you don't know what's coming down pike).Another not so cheap but really nice all in one is Meridian.Right now there is a Meridian G61 all in one that has video but they are asking for $2K for it.The new unit a G92 has a lot going for it but the Naim has the Wifi.Buying new I would go Naim.But I mention Meridian as a no compromise all in one that has something called Trinaural sound.I worked a few years at a dealership and customer had one.Only 3 channel stereo I thought was convincing better than many 2 channel rigs.If you want networking Naim but if I were in market for all in and could swing it especially if it might be used in video Meridian is worth looking at.
The Denon S-5BD for $1,800 might be an interesting solution. The home theater features might not be what you're looking for, but the ability to play blu-ray audio in the future might be nice. One unit does it all. I've never heard or seen this product so this isn't a recommendation for it, just listing a potential product.
This thread may be helpful:

I suggested the Esoteric RZ-1 ($6K) on that thread but it does not have a tuner (has everything else though). It was recently reviewed in the most recent TAS.
Thank you for the responses so far. I knew about and had begun to research the Denon S-5BD, which looks interesting. Did not know about the Esoteric RZ-1, which is even more money than the Naim Uniti. The latter could work in my favor if I end up getting the Uniti re WAF - not buying the most expensive one available!
arcam solo--i see em used alot for under a grand. nad also makes the viso, which meets all your criteria--i've personally had bad luck with nad gear, tho it sounds good when it works.
I use a music hall trio in my office all day. You can find them for 999 or less. There's also a bunch of mods available if you want. The arcam is nice too. You can find linns around too. The nad and rotel dvd receivers work great and are less money.
Wow. More choices than I thought possible. Many thanks!
Check out Aura Note also. They make a very nice all in one.
I used the Aura Note for over a year in my office and was very happy with it.
Teac makes a combined unit, rather inexpensive. Best to try it in your system and see if it sounds okay.
The Aura Note looks very interesting. Since the sliding glass door slides back and forth, thereby always leaving one side open/uncovered, has anyone experienced any problems with dirt/dust accumulation where the CD is placed? The design appears to be potentially problematic in this one regard.
we have sold the auranote for 2 years and have never had any problems with this unit ..
Thank you for that information. I subsequently read on the web site that the most recent version added a physical barrier to prevent dust from entering the CD play section.
Arcam Solo Movie 2.1, and as with the Solo Movie 5.1 you get SACD, DVD-A and HDCD decoding. 65WPC. I regret selling mine.

Great feature I fell in love with: it has a built in alarm clock so you can wake up to your favorite FM station or CD.
Look at the Arcam stuff like others have said.
Just to close the loop on this thread, I purchased the Naim Uniti and installed it today. So far, even with modest speaker cable, the performance with the Taminos is outstanding. Thanks to all who offered advice/suggestions.
4musica44107...congrats on the Uniti and enjot it in good health.
I had both the Linn Classik Musik and the Arcam Solo. Both are small, easy to use and sound excellent. I have heard the Solo on Verity Reinzi speakers and I was impressed with the sound quality. Be sure to consider the full size Solo and not the "mini" which has only 25 watts. I owned the Linn for quite awhile and it was driving Linn Ninka's and Dynaudio's for awhile. I wish I could have that Linn back and never traded it.
The OP bought the Uniti.

Great choice on it. I'm a huge fan of the Uniti. It's expensive, but you get what you pay for. For a few dollars more than the Nait 5i/CD5i combo, you get a ton of usefull features IMO. My dealer and I have compared the Uniti and 5i combo a few times and can't hear a difference with CDs. Its a great unit.

Can't figure out why others haven't followed suit. My dealer can't keep Unitis in stock.