CD Re-mix/re-issues?

Does anyone know of a site that lists artists that have re-issued re-mixed for digital (or whatever they want to call it) versions of previously hideous sounding CD's?
I know that this goes on - the early stones stuff in re-issue sounds great compared to the "stock" CD's from some years ago. The problem is that some artists/labels make a big thing about this ( Stones ,Joni Mitchell) and some just quitely do it ( Bruce Springsteen some years ago.)
As someone who owned a record shop in the middle 70's - I truly do hate giving more money to the F#@*^#g record companies - but I'll do it simply because a better sounding source is more important than ALL the equipment we may use to play it on/through.
And I still remain confused as to why HDCD did not become the next big thing.