CD-R Recs

I was reading reviews of different CD-R brands on Amazon, and there were a lot of complaints about brands declining in quality in the past few years. When I searched the Audiogon archives, the last threading dealing with this topic was from 2007 and possibly obsolete.

So, what are people's current recommendations for CD-Rs? Taiyo Yuden was recommended a lot in the past, though they recently got a name change to JVC. I'm not sure if there was any change in quality associated with the marketing change. Any other brands worth considering?
Taiyo Yuden is the best (they invented CD-R). You can get it cheap here: (free shipping)

They did not change name to JVC - they sell under JVC name in Europe since they acquired 65% of JVC recording business. They were also selling under name Verbatim Pastels.
If you are using a standalone cd recorder,make sure you get CD-RMusic discs.Most standalone recorders will not read or record on media discs.Just a thought.
I've been doing good with Sony blank CD-R music discs.I haven't bought any in the past 6 months or so.They may have changed quality too.Who knows if they even make their own now.
Thanks for the tips. I will be burning on a computer burner.

I noticed that the TY discs are described as ink jet printable. Is it safe to write on these with a Sharpie Marker? I've heard concerns that on most CD-Rs the ink can seep in and mess with the data.
I use TYs as well. I use the regular discs and not the ink-jet ones. Also, I have been using a cd marker on them for 10 years and have not had it affect a disc.
Same here - I use Sharpie on different non- inkjet printable CD-Rs for a long time and have no problems.
Never a coaster here, Verbatim CD-R from newegg with $1.99 shipping.
Okay, one more question. The elite line of Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs are described as waterproof. Is water capable of harming a normal CD-R? I usually wash new CDs to remove the mold release gunk and was wondering if it is safe to do this on a CD-R.
Mitsui/MA-M is on par with the top of the line TY discs. I happen to prefer Mitsui's Colorado Springs-manufactured gold discs to both the TY and Mitsui silvers, but both companies' top silver models are cream of the crop for audio purposes.

If you are interested in advanced theory this article is very interesting:
TY are considered the best CDrs made. Only Mitsui Gold comes at par or close, but at price. Mitsui Gold are branded as MFSL CD-Rs and they are much more expensive than TY, which you can buy in bulk (100 or more).I do not have personal experience to compare those two, for me TY is no brainer. Inkjet printable CD-Rs are watershield and "normal" ones, the difference is in quality of printing (saw pics of watershield and normal ones), personally I am happy with normal ones.
MFSL CD-Rs are the way to go. I record on an Alesis Masterling and the ofi's are the best for me. Pricey, yes. Worth it? YES.