cd-r music for blanks

just bought a cd player recorder to put some lp's on cd and would like to know if there are any recommended cd-r music blanks to purchase and of course brands to stay away from
I use both the Maxell and Sony. I haven't had any problems with them.

I've heard, but never actually used, the Mobile Fidelity Gold Discs are very good. They're kinda pricey though.
Before you buy anything, check to see of your CD burner supports regular CD-R's. They're less expensive.

When you're shopping, check to see what the country of origin is. Most are from Taiwan. They're all made in the same factory and are identical. Buy whichever ones are the least expensive. If you can find ones made in Japan, get them. I think they're a little better.
Taiwanese Taiyo Yuden are one of the best (they invented CD-R) - recently bought by JVC. I would make sure it is original Taiyo Yuden. Recording on music CD-Rs makes any recording legal (like tape). Since recording is legal you can make copy of it on hard drive and use it.
Some one mentioned the Mobile Fidelity Gold discs. These wouldn't work for me, either in a Sony CD burner or multiple computers.
I use the MoFi's 24 Kt Gold Ultra Disc in my Alesis Masterlink. I wouldn't use anything else. Why?
Taiyo Yuden CD-R's are and have always been made in Japan, not Taiwan.

Music CD-R's are an increasingly rare breed and usually expensive. More than that, the A>D conveertors in standalone CD recorders that required music CD-R's were never very good (compared to current ones or the ones in "pro" CD recorders), so I'm not sure it matters much which CD-R blanks you use.
I would have seconded Taiyo Yuden/JVC, except that as far as I am aware they don't make "music CDRs," that will record in a CD recorder. Maxell and Sony, as suggested by Mofimadness, do make them, as do TDK and Mitsui/MAM-A. The latter are described as using a gold reflective layer and having various other advanced features, at a higher price point than the others, of course. Not sure how or if they differ from the MFSL Gold CDRs.

-- Al
Correction to my previous post: The sentence about Mitsui/MAM-A which began with "the latter are described as ... " should have begun with "some of the latter are described as ..."

-- Al
A good source for the Taiyo Yuden discs is

They have a less expensive 'Valueline' and a slightly higher priced JVC labeled line. I've used both for hundreds of burns and never had a failure. Great prices and service.
Rbbert, thank you for correction.
I've settled into buying Sony from Ebay. 12-13 bucks for a pack of 50. Different vendors sell the same product at wildly different prices so it's to compare before you commit!
MAM-A silver music cd-rs are manufactured in Colorado and MAM-A claims that their discs are of the highest quality and very long lasting. I have never heard of anyone having a problem with them. If anyone has please let us know.

100 80 minute music cd-rs cost $40 direct from the factory. Here is the link to these discs:
Ditto Tomcy6's reply. I've used MAM-A discs for years with excellent results. I've also used HHB discs, with the same results. My recorders are Marantz CDR500 and HHB 830 Burnit Plus.
What are the best "music CDR's" you guys have used? I have an older Philips CDR recorder and I am limited to these. I have made several recordings from LP and they sound pretty good.
My comments above were with music CDR's, 1-4x speed. Never any problems with them.
I have used and read about other's experience with cd-rs pretty extensively. My opinion and what my reading on the topic tells me is that MAM-A and Taiyo Yuden made in Japan (ask before you order and the wrapping will say Made In Japan) are top quality music cd-rs.

I don't think that Fujifilm makes music cd-rs and other brands like Sony, Maxell and Memorex are considered second tier brands. You may never have a problem with bad discs or longevity with them but they are not considered to be the same quality as MAM-A or TY by hard core cd-r users.

There are probably other music cd-rs that are as good as my top two but I am not aware of them.
One more thing Bianchi, Keep your cd-rs out of the light. Not just direct sunlight but even ambient light in your home. Exposure to light will render your cd-rs unplayable over time.

Bags Unlimited has all the music storage items you will ever need. I buy cardboard boxes that are made for storing cds and cd-rs. Whatever you buy for storage it must be opaque.
"08-23-14: Chazro
I've settled into buying Sony from Ebay. 12-13 bucks for a pack of 50. Different vendors sell the same product at wildly different prices so it's to compare before you commit!"

He's right. I've used thousands of blank cd-r's and noticed that there are not too many companies that actually make them. The easiest way to tell is to look at the country of origin. Taiwan is the most popular, and if you look at any cd-r's made there, they're all identical, regardless of brand. Same thing with other countries and blank DVD's.