CD-R discs for music

What discs are you currently using for recording and are
there any differences? Will be using on a Yamaha CDR-HD1500
with the 200 gig hard drive. Thanks in advance, Steve
the Black CDR from Memorex is what I always eem to get from my more serious audio friends and it never disapoints.

There's a great test/review somewhere on the web that tried several popular brands and came out with the Colorado-made Mitsui Gold discs on top along with one of the black-surface CD-Rs.

I can't find the review right now, but if I do I'll post it here.

FWIW, most people who do "bootleg" collecting insist on Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui silver CD-R's. The Gold ones are better for the long-run, but no better sonically to my ears. I *do* hear a difference between the TY or Mitsui discs over the other 4-5 brands I've tried, so I find the traders' requests to use only TY or Mitsui meritorious.

Merry Christmas, and happy listening in 2006!

Can anyone answer how BLACK CD's are burned? Seems that a laser's beam wouldn't be reflected/absorbed correctly on a black colored disc.
I believe the Yamaha CDR-HD1500 is a SCMS based recording unit, not a PRO based unit. As you know you have to use CD-R or CD-RW (audio disc) for recording.

I believe the "Black CDR from Memorex" will only record in Pro based units or computers.

Taiyo Yuden (audio) made in Japan, is a great disc. Look for the made in Japan on the packaging. Data side is blue/green in color.

Jea48, where do you get Taiyo Yuden? I'd like to give them a try.
I burned the black Momorex on my Marantz CDR500 and hated it. Muddy, incoherent, fuzzy sound. YMMV.
I currently use Sony CDR Audio color was a dark blue/green now a light blue/green. No more coasters like 1 out of 5 Mitsui golds I used to use.

This page will get you to both the TY and the Mitsui:

Good luck!
not only thru the link Aggielaw provided but also at Walmart: Maxell CD-R Pro is made by Taiyo Yuden & marketed as Maxell. Make sure it says "made in Japan". 2ndly, at Office Max/Depot: Fuji CD-R. Also made by T-Y & marketed as Fuji. Once again, make sure it says "made in Japan".
Cdc, I have not bought any over the net. I bought up as many as I could find of the Taiyo Yuden, under the Maxell label before maxell found someone cheaper to make their cd-r blank disc. Sony was the first to bail ship then Maxell.
I still have around 100 of the early Sony cd-r audio disc made by Taiyo Yuden.... The cd-r audio disc that Sony and Maxell put out now are junk don't waste your money..

I do not have a Pro machine as you do. I have to use the CD-R (Audio disc) .
Sony W222ES and Pioneer PDR609.

Wow! thanks for the help. I will look for the "made in Japan". The latest Sony's I bought say "made in Austria".
>>"The latest Sony's I bought say "made in Austria"."<<

I bought some of those about 2 years ago. I had very good results with them...How have they worked for you? Is the data side still blue/green in color? Is the outer ring edge cut smooth?

Sony and Maxell was having their cd-r disc made in Taiwan, silver color data side. Not a very good disc to say the least. If you have any of the disc made in Taiwan check out the outer edge. The cut is not clean and smooth. This can affect the final reproduced sound from the CDP.
Nice call jea48, aggielaw, bombaywalla. I picked up the CDR-pros at Walmart; 10 for $8.00. Good to try 10 before getting 50 and they included cases so the price wasn't too bad.
Jea48, the Maxell CDR-pro are the same dark blue-green color as my older Sonys that were made in Austria. I got CDR-audio even though I don't need to because they worked better for me too.
All Sonys have a smooth edge as far as I can tell. The new Sonys have a light blue-green color and they work okay for me in that I have'nt had any bad dics. But I am noting sonic degradation in clones* vs original. I haven't compared light vs. dark Sony's to see it there is a difference. I think Marantz may not have adjusted the burn head right. BTY even though Sony clones* aren't perfect, the black CDR's were even less perfect.

* The U.S. government has deemed cloning legal so I now clone CD's and no longer copy them.
>>" The U.S. government has deemed cloning legal so I now clone CD's and no longer copy them.'<<

I did not know that, LoL.

Something to try to get the "clone", closer to the original.

Use a dark green or black marker on the outside edge of the disc before you burn a disc.

By chance do you have a CD demagnetizer, like a Bedini clarifier. If so spin one disc both sides before you load it in the CDR. Burn and finalize and check the playback.
In the Pioneer it improved the final product.
In the Sony it degraded the final product.
Why, I have no idea. If you have a demagnetizer try it and post back.

Never demagnetize a CD-R after burning data, I don't what happens but it will sound dead.