CD problem with transport. Please help

I have a Talk Thunder CDP3.1b and am enjoying it but it recently started doing something odd. At 2 to 10 seconds into the beginning of a disc the transport will skip back to the begining of the disc and start over. It may do this once, twice and sometimes three times and then play the entire disc without further problems. What could be the culprit of this quirk? If it were the laser failing wouldn't the cd's played skip at random throughout a disc, any disc. I find that once the player has successfully gone through the first 10 seconds or so that the problem does not happen further. Could it be because my player is on cones? I hope anyone can help with this. I am thinking there may be something like a hair stuck in the works by the beginning of a cd. As it passes past 10 or so seconds there is no apparent problem. Please help.
You may have a simple fix .... I'll bet the lubricant on the rails that the laser sled rides on, has dried up, and is causing the laser sled to bind instead of moving freely along it's pathway.

When the laser binds and/or slows/stops momentarily ... it losses it's ability to read the disc and skips

Try lubing up the rails that the laser sled rides on, and I'll bet that solves your problem
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I am not familiar with your players transport but if it is anything like my scd-1 then lubing the spindle motor guide rails (steel) as well as grease the gear mechanism (steel & plastic) is a possible solution. For oil I would use small electric motor oil it comes in a small clear tube from radio shack. As for grease use white lithium grease(the creamy kind, no spray).

If you do not feel comfortable tearing into your player or if it is still under warranty you may want to send it to a qualified technician (I can give you the name of one if needed)

I did this very same thing to my scd-1 and it is very delicate work as I had to remove the transport from the player to work on it. If yours is that involved you will also need an earth band (ground yourself) to prevent static discharges. And unless you are very familiar with your players internals a service manual is handy.
try one of the photo lens blowers and blow the dust off. Easy does it. But don't lubricate the rails. When the disc spins it may smear the oil all over the place.
Audphile1 makes a good point about dusting of the lens while you are in there but lubricating the rails, if indeed this player has them, will not cause oil to fling around inside the player when the disc spins. By design this is impossible. The service manual to my scd-1 says to lubricated the rails when performing maintenance on the player.

All great answers , but ...
I have had transport problems in the past . They would start out with something small , as yours . With continued use the problem would grow to the point of not working ! The transports could not be repaired and were replaced !

Why not just wait to see if the problem gets worse as mine did . If it is still under warranty , call the customer service dept. and notify them .

Good luck .
Well of course it will get worse with continued use. If something is binding and putting excess load on the motor eventually it is going to fail which is why it needs to be addressed now rather than later. It is not going to heal itself.

I was able to bring the player to a Sony repair shop as the transport is a Sony and this shop would have access to Sony parts. This shop specializes in audio repair so I feel comfortable.
Czbbcl ; "Eventualy" is true . Maybe I wasn't as descriptive as I should've been !
I am refering to the problem getting continually worse in a relatively short time period of just a couple of hours . According to the repair facility it was not something that could have been addressed early on with any type of repair . This has happened more than once ! Luckily all were under warranty !

Good luck Mitchb .
My player needs a new transport as so many things are apparently wrong with what's there now. The tech, and
I beleive him, said it would be the same cost wise just to replace the entire transport. To my luck they are available still and my player will be back in a week or two.
At a relatively inexpensive cost I got my player fixed and it works better than it did when it was new. The transport was basically replaced with new properly functioning parts and now that my recently repaired preamp is burning in it sounds quite nice. When I first got back the pre I thought it was improperly done but it was done right. It required burn in as at first the sound was horrible. I tried playing with cables but could not get good sound. Finally after several days my system is sounding sweet. Now if only my wife and daughter would let me listen I'd be all set. Our new place is smaller and whatever electrical device is on upstairs or downstairs is heard throughout the house. Therefore if the girls are watching TV then I'm delogated to the bedroom where I have a little Tivoli "Works" set up and perhaps even better or at least different Panasonic microsystem which impresses on each listen. The Tivoli is certainly nothing to sneeze at in terms of what it is. A small radio.I have the model two , subwoofer and cdp by Tivoli which makes for a nice little set up. The Panasonic is more open and dynamic but it is quite a bit larger than the Tivoli. Much more power as well. The Tivoli has a much more warm rich sound to it where the Panasonic microsystem has some "balls"to it.