cd players with volume control

are there any a serious cd players out there with a volume knob that i can connect directly to an amp?
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The accuphase is great stuff, if you can afford it. And Ive sure never heard of a single cd recorded at too low a level. They're all too loud.

But I had the impression that Yamski is a college kid on a tight budget. Denon 1650ar, Pioneer something 65, arent those more responsive to his needs?
paulwp, if yer assessment of yamski is correct, then he yust needs to find something like ewe suggest, & run it thru an ase z-man toob-buffer-stage, or the musical-fidelity wersion (not sure of its model # designation). this was the only way i could tolerate cd w/both a linn kairn preamp & an older electrocompaniet ec-1a preamp.

again, yust my opinion - doug s.

Frap I wasent slamming you but pointing out on my system there is enough gain I agree with the origanal brothers in arms cd its recorded very low.Try the new remaster version much better.
I do agree Sutts, that the Capitole is very nice indeed. But with the diminishing returns that sets in so rapidly with CD players, I heartily recommend the Resolution Audio CD50 and CD55, and that you spend the difference elsewhere.
Hello. I believe the Sony XA7ES may sate your requirement. Good luck. -Sam