CD Players with Volume control?

I know the Wadia's but are there any other CD players for less money that have the built in volume control?
Resolution Audio Opus 21
The forums would be a great place to research this...but here are a few that come to mind :

Resolution Audio
Quad cdp-2
Audio Aero
EAR Acute IMHO: A very fine sounding CDP especially if you take the time to roll the tubes. Unfortunately, it is not built like a Wadia.
McIntosh MCD301 and MCD500, and I think the MCD201 too.
Levinson 39S, but has some reliability issues reported.
Linn Genki
Resolution Audio, all models
Many of the Shanling Players.
since you haven't mentioned any price range....
check out the Cary 306/200 HDCD Player. it's very well built, a solid performer, sounds great, and at under $2K it's a value.

Raysonic CD 168. Check out the review on 6moons.
Sony XA7ES
classe cdp-202
classe cdp-102
Any of the new classe come w/variable volume and sound phenominal w/out a PRE...