cd players with volume control

looking for a cd player to run directly to my amps. choices other than the cary 306/200
High voltage outs are what you are looking for....
Look for a vintage Denon DCD-3520 CD player. You'll be amazed with this player either fixed with preamp or variable volume out.
Benchmark Dac (if you want to go separate)
Some Theta models (Miles?)
Some Shangling models.
Resolution Audio models.
Audio Aero Capitole.

Make it sure that your amp has high input impedance.
These must have analogue volume control:
Resolution Audio Opus 21
Levinson No. 39, 390S
Audio Aero Capitole, Prima, Granite 657
Theta Miles
Cary 308T, 303/300
Digital volume must bee in most Wadia, Marantz and Accuphase players also Gamut, Shanling SCD-T 200/100, Consonance Droplet and many others. You can find a many topics about this here in forums too.
Good luck!
check the archives. You'll find numerous answers there.
Audio Aero Capitole has volume control with remote function.
check out Wadia great player, and there is a 850 for sale on the gon.
Resolution Audio Opus 21
Any Wadia player
Linn Genki
I am running a Audio Aero Capitole mk2 direct to a Art Audio PX-25!
The Linn Genki has a volume control and now the McIntosh SACD/CD player does as well. Not sure what else does.
I have a Kinergetics Cd player with volume control, but I don't believe they are made anymore. Sounds great as long as it does not break!
Cary 303/200 and Cary 303/300 will both work as well. The 303/300 also gives you the added option of switching between SS and tube outputs which provides a little more flexibility in finding the sound you want.
I'd look at the Granite 657 tube CDP. I've had mine for a few years and still love it. I've run it directly to Granite tube monoblocks, as well as a Spectron Musician II.
Consonance Opera Audio Ref. 2.2 tubed cdp. Great product.
consonance Droplet 5.0...and no degradation in sound at lower volumes like the wadia system.
I recommend the BonModwright with volume control
I prefer this cdp than the APL3910 which is almost
twice the price.Its natural and full sounding.
This might as well your last CDP.Call Dan He is
a very nice guy to deal with.