cd players with preamp

Greetings, I'm on the upgrade path to replace my Audio Aero Capitol 24/96. I was hoping someone could give me some advice on what other 1 box solutions with built in preamps are available of this quality or better. Preferably with multiple inputs like the later Capitol 2 se's.
Musical Fidelity made a nice one not to long ago.

They show up on the used market and are a great deal...
Here is one. It lists for $12,000. I am not sure of your limit though.
Integris CDP
Parts one and two of a system review
I heard this very system at CES and it was very very good.
Thanks for the replies, I've had some listing time with the Musical Fidelity CD PRE and feel that my present player bests it. As for the Integris while undoubtably impressive its about 6 or 7k beyond what I'm willing to spend. Any other suggestions? New or used up to 5 or 6k(preferably on the down side of 6)would be appreciated. Regards-Joe-
what is there about the audio aero that you don't like ? how much better sound do you think you will achieve by replacing this player ?
Nothing in particular although the new Capitol and older Capitol MK2se's clearly out perform my current player.
The main reason for the upgrade is the need for further inputs(like the MK2se has) and if I can upgrade my cd source while adding analog inputs without the added price of a new preamp and interconnects the advantage is obvious. Again I was curious as to any other options besides Audio Areo. Regards-Joe-
Wadia's new 851i has what you need.