CD Players with digital "in" capabilities

Any ideas on different players offering a digital in. I know of the Moon unit and possibly the Wadia players. Are there others?
I've recently auditioned the Bel Canto CD-2 in my home and it is really a fine player, but I'd also like to use a squeezebox like device and dont' particularly wish to buy the DAC so I'm leaning towards the one piece unit.
Cary 302/200, 306/200, and 306SACD
Cambridge Audio 840c. Two digital inputs plus a digital out.
My Tube Technology Fusion CD64 has them.
The Musical Fidelity TriVista player also offers a digital input.
Cambridge Azur 840c has this capability

Resolution Audio Opus 21, Wadia players with "i" designation.
But Jond - you probably have he only working Tube Technology Fusion CD64 on the continent! (I and four others handed Zia ours for repair over two years ago and NEVER GOT THEM BACK! Plus the N.A. distributor was of NO help.)

Anyway, the Aero Audio Capitole has every input/output and more.
Thanks for the responses, I'll look into some of these suggestions.
Cambridge Azur 840C, as already mentioned, and the 740C also. They each have two digital inputs.
dCS Puccini + older p8i
Accuphase DP700 + some older models e.g. DP78

I'm also in the market for a state-of-the-art "one box" SACD/CD player with a digital input, so any other suggestions very welcome.
Accuphase DP-75, superb. Hard to find,but worth the wait.
I think that all the Accuphase cd players have digital inputs. They are also wonderful sounding and reliable products.
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Burmester cd players. The Topline player, 001, also has AES/EBU input.
I'm running a squeezebox into a Resolution Audio Opus 21 with great results.