CD Players with Analogue Sound

A lot of us have traversed all parts of the planet in that never-ending quest to find..... the CD player with that lush, analogue sound.
Audio Aero Capitol Mark 2
Optimus (Radio Shack) CD-3400 Portable.
shanling cd-t100
Cal Icon Mk2. An excellent CDP for the $$$. Seen quite a few on the market lately. Upgrade the stock cord and provide isolation and you'd have a pretty good player.
47 Labs Flatfish and Progression DAC.
I second Mejames- all hail audio aero capitole II!
Resolution Audio Opus 21. best cdp i've ever heard. very, very analogue-sounding. sony scd-1. rega jupiter 2k. linn ikemi. (and i assume the cd12, but i haven't heard it yet)
Audiomeca Mephisto II
Audio Note and Gamut
strongly second the audiomeca mephisto II
They all sound like analog, because (at the output) they all ARE analog.
What is your budget? Since everyone is starting at the top, I'll start from the bottom.
The cheapest is a used Rotel RCD-855; probably $100+.
Then a used Cambridge Audio CD-4SE for +/-$200.
Then, since you are transversing the planet, there is a used original Rega Planet for +/-$350.
I just love the way Sugarbrie keeps us in line with our budgets.
Muse Model Five transport, Model Two Plus DAC! Connect these two using their proprietary 13W3 I2S interface and you will have analog bliss!
Meridian 508.20 or the 508.24.
Audio Aero Prima. The Capitole's baby brother. I own this baby. A real gem. It's got some toasty little tubes and a lovey sweet sound. Killer player, at a great price. This little baby can go tete a tete with the big boys--and hold its' own. Very hard to find, but I can turn you on to the dealer I bought mine from, if you decide to go that way. peace, warren
Yeah,right.And transistor amplifier that sounds like tube one.After that dynamic speakers more transparent than Soundlabs and you are about done.Splendid.

The Audio Research CD3 and Ayre are worth a listen. For much less, the new Classe is very good.
Inna, I like your sarcasm. Sugarbrie, I haven't heard the Cambridge or Rotel, but if neither sound no better than the Planet, low budget is suffering. I wouldn't go any lower in price than a used Jolida, and with that you will be narrowing the more for money gap considerably.
Speaking of nice, and also cheap, I have a Phillips 770 CD-R that doesnt sound bad at all. And as far as didgital sounding analog, my bros RA opus 21 sounds nearly as good as his Linn Lp12, and it cost about 1/5 of what the LP 12 did new. Thats saying something....
I second the Meridian 508.24, and add any of the Naim players.
I have the Mk I version and it is analog-like smooth, rich instrumental textures, and surprisingly good and tuneful bass. Highly recommend!!
With careful patience, plus trial and error; the right interconnect cable selection (for that particular player), can make most decent CD players sound pretty close to analogue.

All three CD players I mentioned really are analogue sounding. Analogue as in a budget Music Hall turntable; not a $10K vinyl setup.
Sugarbrie, I know I am sounding argumentatively, but I've heard the Planet on my system, the same day as Pioneer Elite, Music fidelity, and a Jolida 100. I think a record player would have to have a really gunky needle to sound anything like a Regal Planet. Even the Pioneer beat it in spades in listen ability. The Jolida, with it's tube outstage, sounds the most analogue of that group.
I won't disagree with anyone. I personally don't care for the Rega Planet. But to many, it is a low cost analogue sounding player. If there was only one right answer, everyone would have the same system at each price point.

I'd rather give people options and let them make up their own mind.
Muralman, I owned both the Planet and the Pioneer PD-65 at the same time. No contest, the Planet beats it in every area with the exception of build quality. BTW there are no CD players that sound like analog, just as there are no solid state rigs that sound like tubes, but many like to apply a bit of self-hipnosis to believe that the Yeti exists.
Lot's of good suggestions & it comes down to personal preferences. Whichever CDP you choose, you can take it to the next level with mods. I have a Meridian 508.20 & had Blackgates & Schottky's put in. Absolutely no digital glare.

I also auditioned the ARC CD3 & thought it was very smooth. I was tempted to buy it but upgraded to an Ayre V-5x instead.
Despite all the great suggestions, there's always got to be one that has to regurgitate what they read in Stereophile a few years ago. Have you ever actually listened to this unit? The original poster asked about CD players that sounded like analog, not a piece of junk that sounds like.....a piece of junk.
Wadia 860/861 and Audio Research CD3
Why would you want a CDP to sound like a turntable? My turntable sounds like a turntable. LOL

Just joking. :-)

Anyway, for price per performance below the Wadia 861 and the Capitole, I would go with the Ayre CX-7.

You can find my review of this player at this link:

For $3k retail, the player is a great value. If you can find it used (good luck!), it is probably a steal.

IMHO I really do not think digital will ever sound like vinyl. It may get close, but vinyl will stall have it's sonic signature and digital will still have it's sonic signature. Basically both have their plusses and minuses. I have both to cover all bases.

Linn CD-12
Viridian, there were four of us at that particular cd player audition. No one picked the Planet first, although the Pioneer edged it out only a bit. I use to really like the Planet. Compared to what the Sony clones had to offer back in those days, the Planet was a gem. It is just showing it's age now going against the much more revealing DACs of the new players. Sugerbrie is right, though, to include it as an option for low budgets.
Tok, how can I get my TT to sound like digital?
Muralman, as with all things audio, preference is confoundingly system dependent. We agree to disagree.
Audiomeca Mephisto IIx -- the new kid on the block -- I presume this will be the top dog IMHO. I don't believe there are any in the US yet, but they will be here very soon.

With its upgraded power supply, I expect this unit to have increased impact, making it more appropriate for a wider variety of music.

Other than the IIx, there are quite a few CD players available which have what some proclaim as "analog like sound" however the trouble is that the digital format itself offers music so far from true analog sound that no CD player can realistically "fix" the damage. Often listeners presume the electronic-effects of a good CD player as being analog like (warmer, richer sound) but the truth is, analog has a sense of completeness that digital lacks. Don't let a warm sounding digital front end fool you. That is not "analog like". There is simply more music in an analog recording and no CD player is going to make more music out of a CD. Yes. There are some very, very nice digital recordings out there -- they sound fantastic. But think of how good they would sound if all the music was captured in analog & put on a 45RMP record.

It all boils down to the source. How much of the music is left on the material. Hey.. what's the most analog sounding MP3 player out there?? (just kidding)

For the best sound in digital at various price points, the choices are the following:

Budget Setup for those who want 1st rate sound at under 1500 bucks (used). -
Transport: EAD T7000 or Theta Data II (simply awesome)
DAC: Audio Note -- This offers a great upgrade path i.e. start with the DAC 1x and work your way up. The transports are flakey -- go to the Theta for better reliability.

One Box -

Small Scale Jazz -
Audiomeca Mephisto II (or the new IIx)

Rock and High Impact Classical
Electrocompaniet EMC1 MKII

All around performer
#2 Audio Aero MkI (I don't trust the MKII but admit to know very little about it - I only know what I've read on this unit regarding reliability)
#1 Linn CD12
You wont find it...unless you go vinyl....
Electrocompaniet EMC-1 MkII. No digital glare AT ALL! And no tube plumpness or rolled top octave, either. Yippee.
47Labs gear
Because the top is rolled deeply, though....