CD Players which connect direct to Amp?

I am aware of some players, (like the Theta Miles) with analog volume control and enough output voltage to hook up directly to an amplifier.

Can others share equivalent players?

Some Theta Miles specs: built-in DAC, solid transport, good electronics, balanced/unbalanced, good direct signal path, price point of around 900-1300 carefully used.

Thanks all, Chris
The Mark Levinson 39 and its successor, the 390s, are high quality units that have analog volume controls.
Resolution Audio CD50, CD55, and now the Opus
Dynaco CDV1 and CDV2

There are others, I just can not think of them offhand.

Most of the Marantz players have volume-the steps are kid of big between adjustments though.
The Denon DCD-1650AR has a front panel rotary volume control and,also,a second set of fixed outputs.
Cary 306 and, I believe, the most recent version of the 303.
Sony xa7es, wadia 830,850,860. Opinions and tastes on these vary. To me they sound a little less involving driving direct as opposed to via a superlative tube preamp.

The Audio Aero Capitole is in a special league of it's own due to it's tube output stage and 192 upsampling. Another top dog player is the modwright XA777ES SACD player. This has a jena labs design tube output stage and volume control. Both of these players have the harmonics and midrange punch that you get with a good tube preamp. Great sounding.
I asked the same question a while back, you may go over past threads. At any rate, I wound up buying a new preamp, after I upgraded my cd player. I do remember that the Accuphase was recommended to me, but its price was prohibitive. New models by Accuphase are due soon at any rate. If you have deep pockets, I was told on a number of occasions that they perform flawlessly and sound exquisite. I am happy with my Arcam FMJ and ARC preamp combo and lust for no better equipment-wise. I take my hard earned cash and buy recordings. Let the merry-go-round merrily go around, catch the music not the hardware bug. May the audio Gods always shine upon you!
Muse Thalia 9 v.2, analog volume control.
All WADIA's, of course.
They actually invented the "change volume in the digital domain".
Gotta add Accuphase DP-75v and DP-85 to the list.
I have a Cary 303 with volume control (list is $500 extra), driving 60 feet of xlr mike cable to remote pre and system.
Be careful with some of the recommendations if you are looking for a player with an ANALOG volume control (which is how I read your original post) ... some of the players mentioned (especially the Wadia's) adjust volume in the digital domain. Not necessarily bad per se, but if you are only interested in analog controlled players, something to watch out for.
Good point, that being said the accuphase units make volume attenuation in the digital domain, fwiw.
What stores might carry the Audio aero capitole?