cd players w/xlr out & no pre-amp needed

Please recommend cd players that have xlr outs as well as rca's and can be used directly into an amp? I'm already familiar with the Theta Miles and Wadia's line. New or used is ok. Appreciate your comments and suggestions!
The CL-15 is one that might fit your needs. This unit is in excellent condition. I believe that the best pre amp, is no pre amp. After hearing this unit I was convinced. I have one that was replaced by a Wadia 860x. I am selling mine for $1,250 plus shipping.
hi, i v'e got an accuphase dp-55 that will fit your needs. It is mint and has original box and packing along with remote. $4000.00 new sell for $1750.00 + shipping. It can be used as a stand alone player or a D-A converter also.
I have a Mark Levinson #39 CD "processor" that drives my Ayre V-3 amp. It's a CD player and DAC/preamp. You can also use the DAC for other digital inputs, ie. DVD,MD.
I'AM NOT SELLING ANYTHING,JUST SOME ADVICE,try the RESOLUTION AUDIO CD50,it has xlr,rca outs and also one of the best volume controls.IT'S SO musical I SOLD my WADIA 860.GOOD LUCK.
He's right about the Resolution Audio. It's probably the most musical cd playback system I've ever heard. I had one for abt 2 yrs, and combined my theater w/stereo and got rid of it. I replaced it with much more expensive Proceed/Levinson separates and find myself missing it on a regular basis.
Hey Hey, The Sony XA7ES (rca only), Resolution Audio, and Wadia line are all good sounding players. One good/bad thing about the wadia is that it is a DIGITAL volume control. See for details. The bad side being a narrow range of volume attenuation. There are a couple other's I have heard of that are supposed to be good: the Cal audio 10 (?), theta miles, and the levinson 39.
I can't recommend the Resolution Audio CD50 highly enough! I'm using mine balanced, straight into a Krell amp, and the sound is certainly better in every way than anybody's digital front end I've ever heard. I use MIT 330 Shotgun Medium Proline interconnect, and you just would not believe how spectacular, musical, and analog it sounds. Just loovvveee it! Place a want to buy ad for one. I did that a year ago, and had mine a week later...I feel sorry for the guy that had to let it go, but he needed the money. I can't foresee re-selling this thing in the future.
There is a CD50 up for auction right now! From all the talk I've heard I would buy it if I had the money.