Cd players, Transports and DACS Oh MY

I am soooo confused. I have a Creek CD 60 and want to get a DAC. I am considering Burson 160, Wyred Dac and YBA. The YBA is a disc player that can also be used as a DAC. (My Creek remote is shot so maybe it isn't bad idea to get the player?) Is the YBA any good?
How about upgrading to a music streamer? I use an Apple TV2 and stream from iTunes to my DAC. Great sound and never have to put a disc in. OR, how about the new peachtree iDAC. Put all your music on a 160gb iPod classic (uncompressed) and again, all your music in one simple package. OR, if you don't like Apple, get a squeezebox for streaming, control it with an iTouch remote.
I wouldn't use an ipod only becuase it does not support 24 bit and also if I buy hi res files i wont fit them on an ipod. I was thinking W4S
OK as I understand it the yba cd/dac combo is probably not as good as the stand alone dacs so now I need to decide in the $1000 to $1500 range what should I consider.
Jimbones, just look through the previous threads on best transports and dacs. There are many different opinions about which is best. I think you can put together a list of candidates from previous threads on this topic.

You don't need to eliminate cd players from your search as there are many fine players available but you probably do want one that has digital ins and outs on it as downloads are becoming an alternative way of purchasing music.

Unfortunately, no one can tell you which one will sound best to your ears in your system.