CD Players that deliver outstanding vocals

Looking for a player under $700.00 that has excellent vocal presentation, getting older these days. Head baggin music is starting to take a back seat these days.
Jolida 100, without a doubt. You can find one for near that price used, $900 new.
Rega Planet. a great player' under $ 500. used, Many on A'Gon.
Get a better pre-amp, active or passive, any good cdp will give good vocals. Also you could get a cdp with a good volume control built in and skip the pre-amp.
Sogood51, thats possible I have a ASL AQ2004 tube pre-amp which is just a step into the tube world powered by Odyssey Stratos amp, maybe just upgrade the pre?
WADIA 861, WADIA 270transport/27ix DAC, Linn
Just make sure your next player is HDCD compatible, vocals are outstanding on these.
I'd say that the preamp is by far the weakest link in your system. So I'd go along with sogood51's advice.
I love my Wadia 850. If you can stretch your budget wait til one shows up here in the classifieds otherwise the older Proceed (circa early to mid 90s) transport and dac combos are very musical. Looking at the prices here they'll set you back about 1-1.5k. Good luck ;)
A quality recording in my estimation is equal or more important than the CD player itself...I have an el cheapo Sony SACD...and with a stellar recording...vocals are "spooky real"...