CD players sold in Japan can work in US with no problem?

I found Marantz CD players sold in Japan and US have a slightly different specs on power and frequency.
For Japan models, it says 100V~ and 50/60Hz. 
For US models, it says 120V~  and 60Hz.
So, those sold in Japan can work in US without any problem? Or, vice versa?
I would think so, but just want to make sure whether the 20V difference would make any difference.
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I've been using my 100V Accuphase preamp for the past 20 years (without using a step-down transformer). Absolutely no issues!!!
@jkbtn, I see in one of your other posts that your Accuphase preamp is apparently a C-280.  I took a look at its manual, which can be found at if one is registered there, and it is described as having switches located behind a removeable part of the rear panel which allow the AC voltage it is operated with to be selected between 100, 117, 220, and 240 volts.  I'm thinking that 20+ years ago it was probably set to 117 by you or whomever you purchased it from, if not by the manufacturer.

+1 to the good comments by Sleepwalker65.  I suspect, btw, that Geoff's comment was a facetious reference to his use of "portable Panasonic CD players" that are battery powered :-)

Finally, I would re-emphasize my earlier reference to the possibility that running a component with 20% or so more AC voltage than it was intended to be used with may affect sonics.  I find it ironic that some audiophiles concern themselves with minutiae such as which way a fuse is oriented, but it seems in many cases wouldn't think twice about the possibility that sonic consequences could result from such a major difference in voltage. 


-- Al
The one I have is "PRECISION STEREO PREAMPLIFIER C-275". I purchased it in Tokyo, Japan. Clearly marked "100V" on the back panel. I have never seen anyone selling the C-275 on here or other online used markets. Usually it's the C-280. Probably not much different except for the AC voltage. Why didn't I use an external transformer after I brought it to California? Because I never thought of it. The unit sounded superb 20 years ago and it still does. And hopefully for 20 more years.
Uh, my Made in Japan portable CD players by Panasonic use the same 1.5 v batteries as other portable CD players so there are no issues with voltage. 😁
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