CD Players opinion needed

Hi all
I'm in the market for a used CD player and would really appreciate any opinion on the Sony SCD-1, Cary 303/200, or EMC-1 mkii. The rest of my system consist of Classe ca-400, Sonic Frontier Line 2, and Dynaudio Confidence 5. I'm currently using the original Rega Planet cd player. Thanks.
for the price range you've just mentioned GamuT CD1 has the best value for a buck. i'm not sure if you can find it used but the new price is considered to be a bargain for $2995.
Hello: Nice system. The Classe CDP.3 is a huge improvement over the Rega Planet. I believe it's priced somewhere around $1,600.00. This player competes (and outperforms) many higher priced CD player's. The Electrocompanient EC-1 MKII is a great sounding (beautifully built) CD player with laser-sharp focus, staging and real, real, real, life-like musicality. Transparent, open and airy. A great player that I feel easily outperforms the Audio Aero Capitole and certainly is much better built.

peter jasz.
I have owned a Electrocompaniet EMC-1 for about 1 year now. It sounds Great Presently! I'm planning on Upgrading to MKII in a few weeks and that will make this Player World Class for-sure ( 1 of the very Best ) : in Sound and Build Quality. The REVIEWS on the MKII Player is ALL Very Very Positive. I think the Choice is obvious! You should be able to pick 1 up on Audiogon for a good Price. Good Luck and Enjoy whatever choice you make!
EMC 1 MK II all the way.... although i dont think its as good as the audio aero capitole its pretty close for a much cheaper price...
I recently have Cary 306/200. This CD player is awesome and produces an airy, transparent and huge soundstage, especially a deep tight bass if your speakers can go low to 20 Hz. I will have audition EMC1 MKII with modified and compare to 306/200. I will let you know. But for now I am in love with 306/200.