CD players, one box or seperates?

What are contributors preferences? Are there sonic benefits to seperates? Thanks, Larryr
Not a cut and clear situation. The advantages of 2 box can easily be offset by the disadvantages of the digital interconnect cable. At the the very high end, 2 box is definitely worth the effort. Well designs 2 box systems (including the digital cable) will produce an across the board increase in all sonic areas. For below $5k (MRSP) I would recommend going with a single box player. However, if you have a relatively low cost one box player, say $500, then adding an outboard D/A in the $1k neighborhood should produce worthwhile improvements in sound quality. As with everything, there are exceptions to what I've just stated.
I am guessing it is harder for smaller companies to manufacture transports. So the selection of high value DACS are many... MSB, Perpetual, etc. So many really great DACS for cheap.
Tough question. Four and a half years ago I bought a new DAC and transport. I made the decision to buy seperates thinking that with the high rez formats coming I would have the flexibility to swap out and/or upgrade the units to take advantge of the new format. It now appears as though I out-thought myself. The manfacturer is uncomitted to upgrades for the units that I bought even though they are both still in production. I currently intend to do nothing until the hi rez formats straighten themselves out. If one or both of the units failed beyond repair tomorrow I would probably look for either a used hi end (Meridian, Levinson, ARC, BAT, etc) single box CD player or watch for a used SACD player. Once the SACD/DVD/CD debate gets straightened out I would/will probably go single box. Regards, Doug
I got into 2 box source when I tried a DAC with my old CD player. It sounded much better--so I bought it. Then the player completely died--so I bought a transport. Later I upgraded to a better DAC, and then again to a better transport. I now own a Mark Levinson #37 and #36. Does it sound any better than a #39? Probably not much--but I do have the option of upgrading the 36 to a 360S. If you can find a single box that you are happy with (and will be for a long time)--that probably makes more sense and is more cost effective. However, if you like to upgrade and change things--the separates provides that flexibility.
The technology of digital signal transmition has reach such a level of understanding in the last few years that I believe a properly executed single box player is superior to a seperate transport & DAC at just about any given price point. The only exception to having another box would be a seperate power supply. The single box players from Meridian, Sonic Frontiers, Cal, and, IN PARTICULAR, Muse all sound spectacular and superior to any DAC/Transport/Cabling combination I've had at the same price point.
And nothing beats a single box for jitter reduction!