CD players in $2K range with balanced output

Whats out there in the market in that range, preferably new only, rather skeptical of buying a used source. From my understanding there is not much to choose from in that range.

thanks for the input
Mac MCD205...used. Can't go wrong. You can find them around $1500.

Better yet, buy a used Mac MVP851 for right in the $2k range.
Cairn Fog v.2 with the 'soft' 24/192 upsampling chip can be bought new for $1695, maybe even less? This has balanced (and unbalanced) outputs.
I agree with the McIntosh but if you want new only, they will be out of your price range. See if you can find a Classe CDp-10 - there should still be some new ones around although I think it is officially discontinued. Good luck!
yeah so basically this is an afterthought question to see what else is out there for a friend, probably a year ago I picked up a krell KAV 280 cd player for about 2 grand. I auditioned it against all the cary models, the classe cdp 10. I really love the krell, and my friend was asking what is there in the 2k range for cdp with ballanced outputs. personally i think that for 2k the krell is a great buy, and it is very responsive (if you ever press the open button you might be startled by how fast the tray opens)

anyways just my $0.02 thanks for the input
The Consonance CD2.2 would be my recommendation. I bought one based on a number of reviews and listening tests at some of the local audio stores. I am very happy with it. If I was going to trade up, it would be only for a Resoultion Audio Opus 21, which is quite a bit more money.
You should be able to find a BAT VKD5 player at the $2K price point used. Tube roll to your heart's content, balanced and single-ended outputs. Don't fear buying used.
Bigger bang-for-the-buck.

HDCD decoding is an added bonus.

I had this player for a long time, it's easy to listen to and hard to fault.


Paul :-)
Get a Gamut CD1R or CD1S or CD1 MK II, these are awesome out the balanced out but be prepared for 4volt output instead of a 2volt. Extremely underrated player that is wonderfully musical with very nice detail. Never Fatiguing
You want new, but if you are willing to go used, the Audio Research CD-3 can be had for +/-$2,000. It is said to sound particularly good when run balanced.

For whatever it's worth, here is the link to former Stereophile editor Wes Phillip's review:
I agree with Cytocycle that the Gamut is a superb player. I own the CD-1R and although you'd never guess from it's looks, it is state of the art. I put it against my Levinson 390S and it held it's own. A player I could live with for a long time. An excellent value.
Audio Aero Prima. A waiting list for these babies. They are that good. Two years with mine, and I'm, still, (amazing for me) grooving. peace, warren
I would have to say that given the sometimes extreme depreciation of digital it might be really worth it to look at something used. Lot's of great players in that range used. How about a Cary 306/200?
hey, thanks for all the advice, just a little twist on the question: if my friend's system is all moon (p-5 and w-6's) how would that change your advice, or would it?

thanks again