CD players and integrated amos

In your experience what worked better, an all tube CD player and Integrated amp or mix the components.Lets say a solid state integrated with a tube CD player or tubed intergrated with solid state CD player?Or all solid state components may be your choice! Thanks for any information.
 I've played around through the years with every combination & the path to Nirvana for me was Digital Front End with Tube Amplification...
Well have the tube CD player connected to the tube integrated amp and solid state cd to solid state amp and sounds great.Just read some had good results mixing it up.
What tube cd/amp combo are you using?
What ss cd/amp combo?
Have you tried Freediver's suggestion on ss cd w/ tube amp? That seems to most promising in my mind as well.
I had a friend named Integrated Amos so you have my sympathies. I use a solid state DAC into a tube preamp and tube power amp as I wasn't particularly aware of many tube DACs when I bought this one. Suffice to say you can't have too many tubes as more is better since they resolve small details so well and make the listener a better person.