CD players, 5-6K

Any thoughts on cdp within this price range? Names like BAT, Audio Aero, and Audio Mecca keep coming up, along with Cary, 303 and 306. Feedback would be helpful, Thanks,LR
soundstage has a new review of the audio aero capitol 192 and they liked it
Sim Audio Eclipse w outboard power supply
The Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 is the best player i have ever heard.
At this price range a used transport/DAC combo would certainly yield superior results than any single box player.A Forsell Air Reference transport ($4000 used) and a Kora Hermes DAC ($1500 new) will make the finest single box player sound like a boombox by comparison.
Look into the Gryphon or the Electrocompaniet EMC-1. These will give even the best separates a run for their money. I own top Goldmund, and I was quite impressed with the performance of both the Gryphon and the EMC-1. Goodluck.
You must give the Marantz SA-1 CD/SACD player consideration.