CD players

Im looking for a good tube cd player but dont see many around. Anyone have sugesstions??? Thanks!!!
Anthem CD1 look no further.
I've been researching this very topic myself presently. check for review on AH! Tjoeb 99 (around $500) as compared to massive number of reviews at, has me thinking twice. Jolida 603(also around $500) has good reviews at There is another class tubed players, but the price jump is significant. I really can't justify spending more than 5 bills, not saying they ain't worth it, but that's my reality. Good luck and if you find another tubed player in this price range, please post as I'm still looking. Thanks
Conrad Johnson DV-2b CD Player or a D/A-2b Digital to Analog converter.
This is a little off topic, since the player is a solid state unit, but, I have a YBA CD Integre and it sounds very tubish to my ear. Real nice player...