CD player with XLR's and volume control ?

I am looking for a CD player to use with a pair of Monarchy SM70 Pro's vertically biamping a pair of (for now) Audio Note AN EL's. CD player instead of transport/DAC for simplicity's sake.
I thought I had a good candidate with the Cambridge Azur 840, but find that it has no volume control.
Budget is in the $500-1,000 range, and listening tastes range from simple guitar/piano/vocal to easy jazz/classic rock, most at lower to moderate listening volume.
Welcome all suggestions and counsel ...
Theta Miles, used. Make sure it has the balanced option, though. It is an older unit, still like mine both as a transport and a stand alone player.
Bel Canto CD-2 if you can find one. Probably at the higher end of your budget.
Oppo 105 is just a bit pricier than your budget but a second hand 95 might fit your requirements.
Look for a Cairn Fog. It meets your needs and sounds great.
Audiolab 8200CDQ
Oppo 105 is my sugestion