CD Player with Volume out for

I know that this topic has been trounced on before but I listen to digital only and am looking for a unit I can hook directly to my amp (B&K 4420). I want to eliminate my pre-amp and cables. Will buy used or new. Have considered the following: Theta Miles, Wadia 830 and Resolution Audio CD-50 & CD-55. My speakers are B&W Matrix 804s with an ACI Tiatan sub.
I've had the 830 (XLR variable outs) and the Sony Xa7ES (RCA variable outs). Using the direct outs, I would say the 830 is slightly superior, but not much. I chose to keep the xa7es due to build quality and ergonomics. Wadia just went under a few weeks ago, so service may be an issue. I've heard the RA 50, and it does sound good, but that was with fairly low transparency vandersteen 2's. I assume you do not need two preamp outputs for your mains/sub.
Top of the line Rotel RCD-991 has variable output. List is $1300.
I own a Rotel-991 and it does NOT have a variable output.
Woops, the RCD-990 does. Thought they were the same except for the CDM-9 Pro Metal transport on the 990. Sorry.
You can't get a CD55 for under $1500, but you knew that, didn't you?
Wadia simply is one of the most advanced in digital gear ,if not the best.Their approach to digital volume control is simply the best.You get in a 830 exactly the same volume cotrol they put into their $17,000 separates.Just six months ago ALL their cd players were in Class A clasification.I've been following closely their situation and can tell you they are not out.They are going through some troubles but they will be back in a month or so.I dont think you could get an 830 for 1500, but if there is a chance now is it.
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Cal Audio CL-15 which you can use with or without a preamp. Mated with BAT VK-30/VK-200 and Aerial 10Ts, Audio Magic Spellcaster II cables.