CD player with volume control

I am putting together a system for a friend. I have purchased a Aloia 13.01i amp and now am looking for a
CD/pre-amp combination. I have a budget of $2,000.00.
Speakers are still up in the air, but I am leaning towards Silverline.
All responses appreciated
2 suggestions:
1-make sure it has a good d/a. Most cd's with volume/variable outputs only work with the built in d/a.
2-You want a good volume control. Too many (ie marantz)have only 8-12 step volumes. You need something with infinite control.
Also, make sure they have volume on the remote!
Wadia 830 ($1700 used or even less)

CD player with a true digital volume control, no loss of resolution, and great sound.
Resolution Audio CD-55, available used for below $1500 with highly regarded volume control.
I agree with Sc53 that is a great player at a good price(used) another potential choice that is slightly more up to date is the Audio Aero Prima- talk to Warrenh and he will make you a believer! heh heh, its not quite the capitole mkII but its pretty good.
Tim, thanks for thinking of me and my Primamania, but, lo and behold: NO volume control. Got's to go the Capitole for that. Way out of budget, there. You've heard of that player, haven't you? peace, warren
Feel free to read my review of the new Opus 21 in the reviews section.
I've owned both the Cary CD-308 and Theta Miles(balanced version) and both have sounded great via built in volume control.

The Cary sells for about $1500 new or $1000-1100 used and the Theta sell for $800-$1200 used. BTW, the Theta balanced version is more expensive and supposedly much better (even when using RCA output) because it has double the amount of DAC chips of the standard version.