CD player with Vandersteen and Conrad Johnson

looking to upgrade or improve upon my current set up. Running CJ CT 5, and 250S--Vandersteen Quatros--having been alternating between my DP2 (McCormack) and Ayon 1 S----hoping for suggestions that bridge gap between my vinyl and my CD collection. No time to archive CD's at this point to program on my Apple or PC. Any and all feedback welcome.
You can get a PS Audio Perfect Wave MKII DAC and transport for used for nearly half of list that will give you a good dose of analog-like digital. See Anthony Cordesman's TAS review. The only set up I know to be clearly better is the EMM labs XDS1 and DAC2 and the crazy expensive MSB DACIV.
Lucky man,

I have always wanted to hear those Quatro speakers. Big fan of CJ gear, as well.

There is a CJ deluxe cd player out there, would be a great match for your current set-up. Sim Moon Audio cd players do sound great w/ CJ gear, too.

What brand of cables/cords are you running?
Buy a new DAC and use the existing player as transport.

Or get a turntable.
Ear Acute or Doge6. Both excellent choices for the vinyl-lovers, IMO. Both available on A'gon, BTW.

do you know of a dealer/retailer that has the E.A.R. Acute on display?
What price range are you considering?
Jafant - Where do you live?

I certainly don't know any dealers in that area. Why don't you try the Doge6? I've never compared it head-to-head with the EAR, but I've owned them both and I'm telling you - the Doge is one amazing player. 30 day money back, as I said before.
Short answer is try a Levinson 390S used for about 3K. I sold mine to go the computer audio route and haven't been nearly as happy with the computer thing as I thought I'd be. I'm a CJ guy too PR 11 with a ML39 Then PR12s with a 390S
then a PR16 then 16-2, have a friends CT5 in right now, he had the 250 as well.
While I have B&W Sig 30s I have a pair of 2CEs in another system with a 2500A
and PFR EV 1 Main system has PR15. The 390S simply retrieved a huge amount of detail from a spinning disc and simply could not be beat unless you were going the 40K route which I was not. An Arcam DV139 revealed how much more was being retrieved by the 390. I now have an M2Tech DAC, mac mini with JRiver and an Audioquest USB DSiamond cable so my digital is no slouch but for ease of use.
I'd say stay with the CDs until you have some serious time and a clear direction you want to go in. The computers give you a million options which is both a blessing and a curse and everyone has an opinion. Happy to chat should you wish. Rob

if you enjoy the ML brand, have you auditioned the newest CD/SACD player (512)? It is very sweet!
suggestions regarding best DAC for the above mentioned CJ equipment and Vandersteen--Phone Pre is Vandersteen---turntable is older Oracle Alexandria=
I higly recommend the Sony XA5400 SACD I bought one and it sound better than my Cary Audio 300/300
by the way my Cary price was $4.000 Dollar you can get
the 5400 for about $1.200 on ebay. Good luck.