CD player with naim nait 5

ok, the obvious would be the CD5 but in these times of the possiible release of new CD releases in hybrid CD/Sacd Im a little hesitant in pulling the trigger therefore im considering the used market.
im looking at the Naim CD3.5 and the rega jupiter. Suggestions? Should i just go ahead with the CD5?
Thanks for your time,
I have heard the new planet with a nait
go with the CD5 and a flatcap as soon as possible
Any of the Arcam Alpha series (used) should work great with that Nait. I personally prefer their sound over the Rega CD players. Even the original Alpha One is very musical, and very affordable used. And it should always be worth around what you paid (if you shop around for a good deal), so it won't be a total loss. A second system later, perhaps? Or, a friend who needs an upgrade?

Ah, those musical Brits...:-)
I replaced a CD 5/Flatcap with a used CDX. No comparison when partnered with my used NAP250/NAC102. I've seen used CDXs for as little as $2350. However, some say you need at least a Nac102 to realize what a CDX can do. I'm not sure. -lars-