cd player with high output voltage,,under 1k?

I need a cd player with a high output voltage. I plan on getting a really low powered tube amp and I hear it helps to have a cd player with a high output.
There is a Wadia 830 on Ebay right now for just over $1K, which has built-in volume control and selectable output voltage up to 4V. I don't know anything about the seller. There is nothing in this price range that can touch an 830, so IMHO it is well worth the extra few hundred bucks to get one.
It's not as important to have high output voltage as it is too have output voltage and impedance that match the input specs of the amp. You'll probably want something with a good analog (not digital) volume control on the CD, or an amp with volume controls. Or, a passive volume control between the CD and amp works well also.

Actually the Marantz 6000 OSE has high output, and you can get one for about 400.00. That is if you can still find one. Just make sure your purchasing the SE version of this player.
The CAL Audio Sigma II has a really high output voltage (obnoxiously so, in fact). One can be had very cheaply on Audiogon, and, it actually sounds darn good because of the tubed output stage. My primary DAC is a Levinson 360s, and to be honest, the CAL is, on the whole, competitive because it is so musical (especially if you use it with really good interconnects). For whatever it's worth, one of the Stereophile reviewers used one up until very recently. If you buy one, leave it on 24 hours a day (mine has been on pretty much constantly for eight years and sounds better than ever -- I've never even had to replace the tube).

Good luck