CD Player with good headphone amp

Looking for a CDP with a very good built in headphone amp, under $1000 new. Thanks
What headphones are you trying to drive if I may ask?  I would recommend an external headphone amp if you are looking for something spectacular.    
Sennheiser HD700.  I don't expect spectacular, but wondering if there are some that are way better than most. 

Your HD700 are 150ohms. 

Certain solid state dac that don't have a headphone output can also be used, from their line rca outputs, so long as they have a volume control and their output impedance is 20ohms or lower, and give 2v or higher at full output. 

You'll just need rca to headphone adapter, this is the way I listen to my HD650's and it sounds better this way, direct.

Cheers George  

this is for a second system, looking for convenience, not much space. have an external headphone amp in main system.
Marantz CD-5005 has a very good sounding headphone amp. It's a great sounding CD player also.
It sounds very close to my tube headphone amp.
Audio Advisor $399 shipped. 30 day return policy if you don't like it.