CD player with good error correction

Any recomendations for a player or transport that is capable of reading cd's that are scratched or imperfect.The first player I owned (a Philips from 1982) was great at reading damaged disks,but my present transport, allthough it sounds fantastic on perfect disks,has a lot of trouble with even very small imperfections.Thanks.
I use a CAL Icon MK II as a tranport (used it solo before) and it plays just about anything as long as you cannot feel the scratch with you finger nail. Not a perfect test, mind you, but I purchase on an average five used CD's a week and they all play fine within this guidline.
I don't think you have trouble with most of the cdps made today, although i'm sure some are better than others. I've never had any skips with my Rotel 971, even with heavily scratched discs.