CD player with best dynamics?

Who do you think makes the CD player with the best dynamics (without being harsh) under $7K? I've been shopping for a new player and have noticed this is an area of wide variablility among players.
I like my Wadia 850 - I'm sure that the 86x series is even better. I find the interconnects play a big role after you get everything else right. Remember that the CD technology and the devices are limited digitally so you need to rely on the internal PS and the accessories.

I think the EMC-1 24/192 would fit the bill.
Sim Audio Eclipse is VERY dynamic. The Wadia is even better with imaging but it's also almost double the price...

Everyone seems to be in love with the Audio Aero Capitole (which I didn't audition) but I don't know if it's a CDP that delivers a very dynamic sound...

At this moment I have an ARC CD3 taking the place of my Meridian 506.24 for an extended audition & suggest you give it a listen. Unbelievable music coming from this unit. With the extra 2k you were planning on spending you could buy a few CD's.
I agree with Waltersalas. I own the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 24/192, and it has dynamics in spades, particularly when using Virtual Dynamics power cables. Even my former MIT Z-Cord II power cables couldn't dampen its dynamics.
Thanks for the recommendations. Any opinion on how the Levinson 390S stacks up to these players dynamics-wise?
I found the Levinson more analytical and "hi-fi" than my more-musical and VERY dynamic EMC-1 MkII, as others have noted. I too am breaking in that VD PC and wonder if my first impressions of somewhat more "air" than my DIY Belden 83802 or Harm Tech provided? Sorry to bend the thread....
Naim. Incredibly rhythmic drive and sense of the beat, whether it be classical, rock, opera, jazz. Levinson is more polite, taking a longer view. Wadia is ok. Krell has drive but can be strident and the bass may be too much of a good thing. Accuphase is very refined and inviting, more lyrical than dynamic. Not sure about the other stuff.
47 Labs Flatfish--find it much more dynamic, purer, and faster than Levinson 390s, Wadia 850, and Electrocompaniert EMC MkI and II. Also has a larger sound-stage... Any harshness can be tuned away through support (try Symposium Rollerblocks on an air support, or Vibrapods) and AC cables (the Power Dumpty is highly sensitive to mains quality and power cable choice).