CD Player with best bass??

Let me throw this one out there. I have a system which is great in the mid and upper frequencies but a little light in the lower. I don't want artificial bass but want to make sure that I'm squeezing every little bit out of my CDs as possible. I'm looking for a player that has a full and clean bottom end. I have a Cary 300bSEI and a pair AKG K1000 phones. Based on my research to date, I'm thinking Cary. Any other ideas (Budget is $2k used). Thanx. I'm countin on you guys. Don't make me buy a subwoofer now...
I would hope any CD player I would buy would faithfully reproduce what had been recorded on the CD. I do not want it to add or subtract anything from the sound.

This is true of any source gear I would purchase.

If I wanted more bass I would be looking first at the speakers or the headphones, then the amplifier or headphone amplifier, and then just maybe even (oh my gosh!!) adding audiophile class subwoofer if I was happy with the rest of the system.

Even a cable change might add more bass for you.

Happy listening.
Hi.. Have you considered changing headamps? I'm expecting a Single Power OTL Headamp/Preamp tomorrow for evaluation. The designer says this model is designed to provide better bass than the standard MPX3..which I haven't heard either. It is called the Single Power MPX3 Slam.

It has a 600 volt 99dB-efficient Vanderveen-designed Plitron transformer.Blackgate upgrade with a 5678 tube input(not sure on that number though) and two 6SN7 output tubes. I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow the number. I have no experience with headamps or headphones.

It was the designer's idea to send me the unit along with extra tubes and headphones to play with until a custom designed peice was finished. I will let you know how it turns out. From the reviews I've read, the standard model is no slouch.I believe Mikhail told me this model sells for just under $2000.

You may not need a different cd player..could be a different Headamp.


Thanx for your thoughts. I would hope so too unfortunately, I don't believe that all bass is created (reproduced) equally. Fortunately, I (finally) like my amp and headphones and don't want to change thoses. I'm not looking for a CD/SACD player to ADD any bass to the recording, just one that presents ALL the bass that's recorded. To your point, I would hope that any amp, preamp or speakers also would faithfully reproduce what has been recorded but, we all know that's not the case. Thanx.
Gmood1, don't you mean 600 Ohm?
Gmood1 - I think I was just reading something about these units you mention on Headfi. Please let me know what you think. Also which phones you're using. My phones, with the current cable setup, require connection to speaker cables. I'd have to get a 1/4" adapter to use most 'phone amps. Also,power might be a problem too but, I'm open to anything!!!
Hi Joey,
This Headamp/Preamp has a 600 volt high efficient transformer. Meaning it will put out 600 volts instead of what most do which is 60% of what their rated.It has a transformer twice the output of the Plitron in my amplifier LOL.Not to mention the Plitrons are whisper hum or hiss what so ever. I'll be using it with both headphones and as a tubed preamp. I may not want to return it!LOL

Hi Pawlowski6132,

Power with something like this would be the least of your worries. The cool part about Mikhail is the fact he will build the unit to suit your equipment and taste.Mikhail is sending me a pair of his personal headphones.I'm not sure what they are though. He's not the one to skimp on quality from what I've seen so far.I'm sure they will be up to par. I'll definitely let you know what they are when they arrive.
From your current choice.You seem to favor single ended,pure class A and no negative feedback designs. This unit has all of that and it's also output transformless ..which is icing on the cake.

Also it isn't as expensive if you don't get the preamp option or Plitron transformer. I think the base model sells around $900.

Good listening
CD players are not all alike in this regard!! A Great Northern Sound modified Wadia should present all the bass available quite powerfully. Unmodfied Wadias also have great bass, but when I replaced my 830 w/ a modified 850, I was surprised by the added authority in the bass. I thought the 830 was pretty good already.

I would hope that any cable would faithfully pass the signal sent into it. (said in jest to Sugarbrie - no malice / sarcasm intended!)
Honest1 is right on the ball here. Anyone who doesn't think that CD players differ greatly in terms of their bass response hasn't had the opportunity to listen to different players.

For what it's worth, I have found that this is what the more expensive CD players offer. Some notable players I have heard in terms of bass were the Electrocompaniet, Granite 650/657, and an upper level YBA. Wadia is also known for doing a good job in this regard, but I have not been around them so much in the past decade. And, surprisingly, my Sony SCD-C333ES accounts itself quite well - enough to embarrass a well regarded $2500 player here in my system last month.

Man you have got to hear this unit or something similar.
I know now this unit uses 1 6SN7 as the input tube and two 5687s in the output.The stock model uses 3 6SN7s in all sockets. The unit weighs only about 10lbs.I had my doubts when I pulled it out the box. But after warming it up and running it for a few hours. I can say there's nothing light weight about the music! Bass slam,tranparency, bite and musical come to mind.

I can't believe how damn good it sounds!! No grain or hash.It doesn't cover up the music either. Mikhail sent me several types of tubes to try out. The difference is heard instantly. As soon as I changed the Electro Harmonix 6SN7 over to a Tung-sol the soundstage got closer too me and became more vivid and transparent.

Now that this unit has ruined me. I'll insist Mikhail make my unit sound similar. If it doesn't sound like this thing I'll send it back!LOL

I'll be sending this unit back in a week or so. I would contact him and ask if you could try it out. It probably will cost you shipping but that's it. Shipping on 10lbs isn't much these will be worth the effort.

Good listening!
Hi the only reason I do not mention cd players.Is the fact Pawlowski6132 uses it as a digital transport. Getting a more expensive player to use as a transpot too me is a waste of money.The Sony is a great transport by itself.
Now if you want a different Dac's another ball game.As the analog output voltage does vary from Dac to Dac or player to player. If I wanted more bass the Dac would be my first upgrade not another player.
Get the CARY 306 SACD player it has fantastic bass.The reviewer in this months POSITIVE FEEDBACK online mag. says it has the best bass he has heard from any source.He also bought the CARY 306 SACD after reviewing it.

I also have the AKG 1000 and have them hooked up to cary 805C amplifiers.They are incredible headphones.I upgraded the cabling to the STEFAN AUDIO ART cables.There is a review of this Modification on the 6 MOONS internet site.

Wow. I would love that setup: 306 -> 805C -> k1k.

Nice. Unfortunately, I can only afford about $2k right now. :^(

Let's say I had something like the Cary 303/200, do you think the AKGs would sound significantly better through the 805Cs versus the 300SEI I have??
Gmood - my bad - I saw the word 'headamp' in your post and thought you were talking about headPHONE amps - after all 600V is a lot even for electrostatic headphones - LOL. 600V is a good rating for tube transformers.