Cd player with a good hi-fi headphone output


I have just invested in a pair of V-Moda LP2 and Bose Quiet Comfort 15 which are my first proper phones.

I have been doing lots of research regarding headphone amplifiers and this got me thinking. Do any audio manufacturers actually make a decent CD player that has a good headphone output?

I would rather spend money on a CD player with a good headphone output that I can at least integrate into my system rather than an amp which is obviously pretty limited in its uses.

If such a player does exist what would work well with the V-Moda and Bose. In addition, what cd player and or headphones would you consider and why?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

In addition, what would be a good classic rack CD player with a good high quality direct headphone output (good DAC etc.)? One that could maybe make a headphone amplifier obsolote? I'd also like to plug both my V-moda LP2 and Bose QuietComfort 15 to it. Does that make sense?

Thank you
Your best bet is to ask on "" many expert "can" aficianodos are there. My own experience is that the headphone output circuit on a CD player, seems any afterthought and not an important feature.
I own a now disgraced but really incredible sounding dedicated OTL headphone amp by SinglePower. I have owned a couple and can tell you as a rule they are better than any other combination source.
There appears to be some preamps however like the Cary SLP-05 which have a dedicated headphone amp in it. I would imagine there are others like that on preamps, but never seen it on a CDP.
eastern electric mini-max.Headphone in this thing is fantastic.
If you are looking for used and cheap, I enjoyed my Sony ES cdp's headphone jack...