CD Player versu Dedicated Transport

I am currently using an ARC CD3MKII as a transport feeding an Audio Logic DAC. Is there any downside (besides expense) to using a CD Player as a transport compared with a dedicated transport? Does all that extra electronics have a downside? (It is comforting to know that if something goes wrong with my DAC I would still be able to listen to music.)
There are plenty of good (1 box)'players'---Just like there are plenty of good 2 box solutions.
Matching each component is the key to good system sound. There are probably stand alone transports that are better then some all in one CDPs used as a transport and visa versa. That said, it is my opinion that the digital cable is more important then the transport you use within reason.

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Answering your specific question: When used as a xport, you remove the dac from signal path. I don't know if the power supply sees it any differently, but it might. At any rate [sorry] there is certainly no harm using your player this way, however, ARC might disagree ;\ The AL is a fine, fine dac, adn I wouldn't think reliability is an issue.
Have you done any comparisons, using the ARC by itself? As BK notes, that takes the cable out of the deal, and bypasses any jitter issues, though perhaps the ARC has pretty low jitter to begin with. And though the electronics reside in the box, I don't think there's any downside to having them in there but "not used". Good luck.
Well, I had the ARC CD first, and I thought it sounding just fine. I did not do a lot of comparisons when I bought it, but I certainly enjoyed my system. The Audio Logic 24MXL changed the sound. The sound was more alive, more jump factor, I guess what people refer to as dynamics. I get the sense there is more precise positioning of instruments physically and a distinct sources of sound in relation to other voices or insruments in the music - I guess less "smearing" or "blurring" of the individual instruments or voices.

I'd like to hear more about the right digital cable. I'm using a DH Labs Coax BNC to RCA. What might offer some improvement?
Pubul57, the extra electronics does not matter as it is completely different signal path. The digital output comes directly from the transport of your CD player so it is the same as if you had a dedicated CD transport. Some CD transports offered on the market use upgraded digital interface, better clocking and better power supply, but that can be done with the same effect to a regular CD player.

So the answer is NO, you do not suffer from using the CD player as a transport, especially if you are happy with the sound.

Alex said everything I was going to.
Great. One source of neurosis put to an end. Thanks.
Pubul57, I am using a CD3MkII as a transport feeding a Dodson DA217MkII-D DAC, and I am very happy with the combination.
So I have to ask this question. Would you spend more money on a transport or a DAC. I have heard some opinions that would say both are important, some would say that you could get any "cheap" transport and use the digital out to a good DAC. Of course some would say that that is non-sence. However, I would like to hear some opinions on this subject. I am wondering because I have recently started to build a system and my next step is either buying a good cdp or a DAC. I have a sony 400 disc jukebox player with a digital out. Obviously not up to audiophile quality, but I do love the convience. I would like to hear what others think I should buy next, a cdp or a DAC.
arc cd3 are commonly used for transports (this is a great setup with the AL dac).

however, changing your digital ic cable might surprise you. i am using a dh digital cable in the meanime while i am looking for "the right one". it is a great cable for the money but lacks the ulimate resolution and bass slam with this level of gear. it's best to avoid adapters on this connection and keep the length to a minimum of 1.5 meters.

also suspending your cable should offer sonic improvement
I would assume that using CD3 as a transport is a good idea since it has a very nice transport.

My recommendation for a digital cable would be Virtual Dynamics NiteII(very smooth, well balanced cable) or Master(very lively, lots of dynamic drive, smooth, but superb detail - overall an amazing digital cable and beleive it or not, a big improvement over NiteII). The cable you are using currently is not even close to the ones I just mentioned. NiteII and Master are in their own league.

But let me ask you, Pubul57, have you tried the CD3MkII running it with balanced interconnects into your pre-amp? If you haven't, you're in for a big surprise. At least in my system this was a huge jump in performace. I am wondering if you tried that. This player sounds completely different when run balanced.
Audphile1, I have not tried the ARC CD in balanced mode. The DAC is single-ended, and my CAT pre is as well. For reasons I don't quite understand, I've heard that in the case of the 24MXL DAC it sounds "better" in single-ended (they do make a balanced version).
Pubul57, I guess that's the only option then.
In any case, is there a big difference between the CD3 and the dac?
I am sorry to bring back the source of neurosis to you but I had a bunch of CD players and modded DVD players as transports and they were very enjoyable untill you hear a good dedicated transport in your system, when you do that all your doubts will dissapear, the transport is sooooo much better.

Even Alex agrees an this: (from his site)
"The Denon units need a lot of work in order to make it for a good digital transport which is not cost effective"

I find this thread very educational and I read avidly?

Alex maybe you can help us clarify this :-)

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