cd player use as a dac?

Before I buy a cd player,I would like to know if I can use a cd player as a dac. I have ripped many cd's on my computer using exact copy, now I want to listen to them in my audio system .From my computer to wavelength terminal to a dac or can I use a regular cd player as a dac or do I have to buy a seperate dac only for this use. Thanks again for your precious help.Step by step I'm getting there.
Some CDps have a digital input and/or output and some do not.
Some CD players have digital inputs and you can use them as a DAC. Most of these players are pretty expensive too. I have owned 2 players with digital inputs (they also have built-in analog mode volume control, so no pre-amp needed in an all digital system). My previous player was the excellent Resolution Audio Opus 21 ($3500 new) and my current player is the (value King, IMHO) Quad 99 CDP ($1500 new).


The Adcom GCD-750 has a digital input so it can be used a a DAC. This may be one of the less expensive cdps with DAC capability.
I just went with the Resolution Audio Opus for that exact reason. It is being shipped so I have not tried it yet. But it just makes sense to take advantage of the internal dac.