CD Player Upgrade:Please Help

I want to upgrade my cd player. It is a marantz sa8001. I bought it brand new and have had it for several months. I think it is a good value, as it offers nice sound for reasonable money. I do think, though, that now, with my latest preamp upgrade to an ARC LS25MKII, the cdp is holding my system back. I am looking for a red book cd player, and something that will be a synergistic fit with the down stream electronics and speakers. The ARC chain is very fast, open, clear and dynamic, and with a touch of velvety warmth that I love. The dyns are neutral and pretty transparent. I am looking for an equally relaxed, open, and dynamic cdp. My budget is about 1500. I was considering an ARC CD2 for that total synergy thing but what other contenders are there at this used price point?
Benchmark. Try the cd tweeks prior to spending your $$$. You may be pleasantly surprised.
I am currently using a Linn CD source with my ARC pre and am very happy with the combination.

The Ikemi is a great CDP and is in your budget.

Good luck.
I wonder if you could find an Ayre CX-7e used in your price range? The Ayre has amazing synergy with ARC, I had it with my ARC CA-50 into ProAc monitors for a few years till I got the Ayre integrated. Still miss the CA-50 though. I think you would be seriously impressed with the Ayre CD player in your system, to the same degree as with the addition of your ARC amp.
Sc53, I have been wondering about that Ayre Cx7e for some time. There are quite a few now, but i'm in research mode. I need to get over to Gifted Listener Audio in virginia, to hear this cdp.

Tarsando: what cd tweaks are we talking here?

What about the Cary 303/200. It has a digital input which is cool for my squeezebox.

Gifted Listener is a great store - I've dealt with Tom many times.
Auric, Bedini, black cds, cleaner.
Would you consided modding your SA-8001? If you don't want to spend a lot of $$$$ that might be the way to go. I owned a 8001 just long enough to realize how good it was(200 hrs) but had 3 other players at the time and sold it.
It definitely has potential
If you could up your budget just a bit, try: Electrocompaniet, Resolution Opus 21, Audio Aero, maybe even a Rega Saturn...

I have the Cary 303/200; with your ARC gear it may sound a bit forward.
For $2250 it is a top notch player, with great read book & sacd capability. Check one day sale on Audiogon
Marantz sa11a1. got cut off in posting
Considering I have a squeezebox and love the surfing capability here, I am also considering a nice outboard DAC, or just saying the heck with it and go for the transporter. The transporter has digital input too, but I wonder how much better would the DAC/analog section be over the current 8001?