CD-player under US$1,100?

Now that CD-playback reached maturity, which are, in your opinion, those NEW CD-players that stand head and shoulders over the competition under $1,300 CAD (US$1,100)?

From what I listened so far, the only one that is in my budget and I like is the Chinese Original CD-2008 MK II.
I think it's worth trying to demo a Rega apollo

I have not heard it myself, but a friend of mine was in the design team for the laser controller and data retrieval, and apparently the system Rega uses is far superior to anything in its price range. Jitter and bit errors should be far below previous budget transports.

Couple this with some glowing reviews, and many users reporting great sound, and I think it would be worth trying to get a demo of it. I would not buy it unheard, but it would be top of my demo list if I were replacing my player.
Rmihai, you have already asked this question on the APL HIFI Discussion board, when, as in this thread, you initially asked the question from the perspective of an individual searching for the best CD player under $1100.

Hi Alex,

I don't know your wrk yet, but I am pretty impressed about what I am reading. So, I decided to register here.

Now, I would like to get from a you a CD-player. No SACD, no DVD. Just a CD-player to its best. I am talking about an INTEGRATED solution - NOT a separate transport and DAC.

My budget is limited to $1100.

How can you help me?
Later in the thread, you claimed to be a financial analyst studying the hifi audio industry for purposes of takeovers, acquisitions and financing with venture capital.

Let me give you some background:

I am a financial analyst and we have been studying the hifi audio industry for almost 2 years. The reason? For takeovers, aquisitions and financing with venture capital.

What are our conclusions? Regarding price sensitivity, after $1135.29 USD the total Revenues are decreasing. Said diferently: you will maximaze your revenues and profits having a price as close to $1135.29. Under it you will do well, you will sell more units, but you will lose on the profit margin per single unit. Over it, you will sell dramatically less and the net profits will decrease.
Both these quotes are from the thread to which I have provided a link above.

So, Rmihai, what is the purpose of your thread here? Is it to discover the best CD player under $1100 for your personal use, or is this thread further market research under the guise of a personal search? It doesn't really matter to me, but it just seems more honest to be upfront about your motives.
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Fascinating. Do you care to answer my question, or is your non answer sufficient evidence to support your agenda?

for you there is an easy amswer.

Your "mods" are OUTRAGEOUS expensive. Most technicians can do the same mods for less then half price of yours.

Your business is not viable and I would sugest the potential cutomers to stay away.
Your "mods" are OUTRAGEOUS expensive. Most technicians can do the same mods for less then half price of yours.

Your business is not viable and I would sugest the potential cutomers to stay away.
Interesting. First time I've seen a financial analyst cry over the numbers.
Wow, Rmihai, Alex has not participated in this discussion, and now you're attacking him out of the blue because I posted a link to his discussion board where your hidden agenda is made clear?

According to this post from an APL Discussion thread, the APL Marantz 5400 was developed precisely to satisfy your demands for an $1100 CD player, Rmihai.
Hello all,

Thanks to Mr. Rmihai, I am proud to announce the availability of the new APL Hi-Fi CD player based on Marantz CD5400.

It comes with APL Hi-Fi DSP upgrades, Power Supply upgrades, the big Master Clock, Upsampler, 4 DACs per channel and Single Ended Class “A” MOSFET output stage. The output impedance is less than 100 ohms and the output amplitude is 1.2V RMS at 0db PCM with Sony test disc.

The APL/Marantz 5400 is as good or better than any all Solid State (no tubes) CD player in current existence, cost no object, or your money back.

Price of the APL 5400 is $1100.

Features are: defeatable attenuator for direct-to-amp connection, Upsampler ON/OFF, Slow/Fast Digital Filter roll off and polarity (absolute phase) reversal. All of the above are Remote Controlled.

Coaxial Digital input ($195), external USB converter ($95) and Balanced outputs ($195) are optionally available.

Are you ready for the test drive?

Alex Peychev

I'm sorry if you feel exposed, but really, until you brought up his name Alex had nothing to do with this thread other than my referencing your thread on the APL Discussion board.

You're post above is unprofessional coming from a supposed financial analyst studying the audio industry.